In the midst of all that is happening — a coup attempt, impeachment proceedings, mass deaths, other overwhelming events — we cannot forget the millions of Americans who are still desperate for work.

America the beautiful ain’t right now. Two weeks before the prom the country’s face has suffered an unfathomable case of acne. As more information becomes available, we learn that the damage more resembles a cancer. A cancer inflicted upon us by a big basket of deplorables masquerading as pa…

The last 10 days have been as upsetting as any riotous disruptions that I have observed in person or on TV, including thee riots after the shooting of unarmed students in protest at Kent State University, and those during the Democratic Convention in Chicago in 1968. I arrived in Washington …

I watched the Trump rally and subsequent protest last week. I was proud of the people who traveled to D.C. to support our president, along with expressing their displeasure with the election debacle. I wished I had been there.


One of the strategies local economic development leaders have implemented is a drive to convince young people reaching adulthood to stay and work in the community where they grew up.


The U.S. Supreme Court upheld an Ohio law that allows the state to purge registered voters if they have not voted in two years.


A year from now, a significant historical event will be revisited as the 75th anniversary of the Allied Forces invasion of France, commonly known as D-Day, will arrive.

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