In today’s word, it’s tough being a dad — especially when our culture seems to only want to highlight your worst days.

You’re all too often the butt of jokes of TV’s sit-com writers. You’re melted down to the guy who just doesn’t quite get it. The one who can’t figure out how to unclog a drain without flooding the basement or who winds up with water spraying all over the kitchen when trying to replace that broken faucet or hook up the ice maker.

Screenwriters also like to portray you as the opposite, a father who isn’t there to fix anything. They often draw you as a deadbeat who is never there when his children need him. You’re cast as the uncaring, absent individual who fails to pay child support or send a birthday present.

But the truth usually falls somewhere in between. Most fathers aren’t superstars. Not every dad stands on the sidelines for every ball game or choir concert. Not every father can be out there coaching the softball team or taking the Scouts on a weekend wilderness hike.

But dads, even though Hollywood doesn’t see you, we do.

We see you changing that tire in the pouring rain while your family waits comfortably dry in the car. We see you rushing home from work to make that baseball game. We see you mastering the art of the pancake to be the provider of that one perfect, special meal. We see you doing everything you can to help your children grow to be the best they can be, and we see you waving sadly in the rearview as they head off to the adventure called life.

We see you just plain showing up for those who depend on you. And we honor you for every sacrifice you have made so that others might have just a little bit more.

There will be times when you have all the answers and others when you don’t have a clue. But it matters not. We don’t need the answers you provide; we just need you.

So keep up the good work, Dad. You are making a difference.