I strongly contend there is no progress in the “Progressives” agenda. The old adage says “words mean things.” But, in recent times, self-proclaimed labels of who you are or what you stand for have been turned upside down. Remember the brutal nation of East Germany so called-the German Democratic Party. Or the current cruel dictatorship of North Korea known as the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.

And so it is with the so-called Progressives. Most everyone wants to be associated with human progress and the lure of that word, especially a younger generation (in most cases uneducated in the long-term tragic stories of these types of movements.) The ideals of these modern-day progressives have invariably in the past led to totalitarian dictatorships in Germany, the USSR, China, Cuba and Venezuela. I find it very disconcerting to have even conservative commentators give credibility to the Progressives by using the term, since in my opinion they are really Regressives.

For years, the radical leftists have told us “you cannot turn the clock back” and told religious people “you can’t impose your values on other people.” But their present efforts seek to do that precisely with executive orders and voter pandering, and hell-raising riots. Rather than progress, they are taking us back into the Dark Ages marked by shutting down free speech, undermining our Constitution and playing class warfare.

It has gone so far that Gov. JB Pritzker has gushed with pride over Illinois having the most progressive abortion laws, which means supporting the barbaric practice of late-term abortion. Is this really free choice, obviously not for the unborn children? In 2019, some 891,000 potential lives were snuffed out.

For those regressives who actually believe in a God and a judgment day, I doubt that their defense “Well the Supreme Court said a woman has a right to choose” will hold any sway in front of the ultimate judge. I acknowledge that reasonable people can disagree on time and terms of abortion, but late term-abortion is nothing less than barbaric infanticide.

The regressives’ attempts to censure speech and cancel those who disagree with them, by calling it hate speech, is the very antithesis of what millions of American servicemen and women have fought for. Very few conservatives advocate shutting up those who differ with us. Rather, we say, “Bring it on and let the best ideas prevail.” The problem with the regressives, in my opinion, is most of their views are morally and historically bankrupt. For them, it seems to be all about gaining power over others. Why? Because they think they are wiser, smarter and justified in shutting down those views that their snowflake followers find offensive.

Unfortunately, very few people, especially young people, have ever read Russian, Chinese or Cuban history to see where all this can lead, let alone George Orwell’s “Animal Farm.”

As to the issue of choice, they do not believe in choice in education. Biden’s recent move to destroy alternative education or limit it is nefarious. Rich progressives often send their kids to private schools, but they kowtow to special interests by not allowing poor families the same choice. Recently, these regressives have supported illegal border crossing, burning down our cities, defunding the police and using the race card on everything. This from a party that was the stronghold of slavery in the 1800s, supported the anti-Semitic actions of Joseph Kennedy and the internment of Japanese Americans by Franklin Roosevelt.

Do these self-proclaimed progressives provide us exemplary examples? Hardly. Their policies seem to be “It’s for thee but not for me.” They “follow the science” only when it is convenient. Their inconvenient truth is while they pine about climate change many of them continue to drive big, gas-guzzling cars, live in large walled-in mansions and fly their private planes to climate change conferences.

Al Gore, the patron saint of climate change, (who inherited a large fortune made from tobacco) has added millions to his wealth with his climate change gig. And yet, in September 2016, Gore’s 20-room home consumed 30,993 kilowatt hours in just one month — as much energy as a typical American family burns in 34 months.

Finally, if these regressives really believe in “white privilege” (which is an insult to people like me along with millions of kids who came out of the lower economic class and through education, hard work and the sacrifice of our parents, made it into the middle class) then they need to be consistent.

If they actually believe in systematic racism they need to set the example for us deplorable non-Harvard or Yale educated fly-over country citizens.

Set the example Sen. Durbin. Resign your white-privileged acquired senate seat and demand that Gov. Pritzker appoint an Indian-born person in your place. Sen. Schumer, resign and demand that an Asian American take over your seat. And Elizabeth Warren resign and request that a real Native American be appointed to take your place rather than you who fraudulently claimed Native-American ancestry.

The real question is this: Is systematic racism the biggest problem today or is it the systematic hypocrisy, religious bigotry and cancel culture of these regressives? History tells us their policies will result in many catastrophic outcomes until more sane Independents, Democrats and Republicans foster a new Renaissance and period of Enlightenment.

Don Daake is a resident of Bourbonnais and a regular

columnist for the Daily Journal’s Business section.