Joe Yurgine and Ken Johnston

Joe Yurgine and Ken Johnston

Ken: It’s taken a week to tally the votes, but now it is official: Republicans have flipped the U.S. House of representatives, albeit by a slender majority. Not everything that they hoped for, but it means the Queen of the House is gone, and likely gone as well are the probes and subpoenas for the Trump team. The Senate is still Democrat but gaining partial control of Congress proves the GOP isn’t on the path to extinction … yet.

During the week, there have been a blizzard of op-eds in print and pundit commentaries on the tube about why the “red wave” predicted by the polls wasn’t an enormous tsunami. Why didn’t it seem to matter that according to polls that about 75% of citizens thought the country was going in the wrong direction, and Biden’s approval rating was under 40%.

One opinion was that the Democrat good showing was largely due to the young voters aged 18 to 29 who voted almost 70% Democrat. As a voting bloc it looks like the kids have been influenced by the left-leaning public-school teachers and the profs of academia. Could it be one factor is an expression of gratitude for the Biden gift of $20,000 loan forgiveness?

Dr. Ken Johnston has been an ENT surgeon in Kankakee since 1976. He has been on several community boards and has been involved with clubs and organizations. He has lived in Bourbonnais since 1981. He can be contacted through the Daily Journal at or directly at

Joe Yurgine is a practicing attorney. He can be contacted through the Daily Journal at or directly at

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