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Another mass shooting, another ridiculous argument about and promise of more gun control. Enough of both already. Mass shootings are an American thing. So is political pandering at the expense of murdered citizens. And it happens across political lines.

Those words were told to me by none other than the Daily Journal’s celebrated editor Phil Angelo as I started my journey into editorial and op-ed journalism some 11 years ago. I wondered why this was such a taboo topic when there were so many other incendiary topics that seemed to be written about.

President Joe Biden spoke in Buffalo on Tuesday after visiting the families of victims of a racist mass shooting in a supermarket there on Saturday. It was a speech that’s likely to get lost in the current-events shuffle, but it shouldn’t. It was a good one, well written, well delivered and …

The wife and I — well mostly the wife — are watching our two youngest grandchildren, London and Lincoln. Their mother and dad are on vacation. We came home early from Arizona to watch these two munchkins.

Have you ever spent time speaking with friends, acquaintances or strangers, and you heard a comment that made you upset? Of course, you have; you’re a human being.

Daily Journal Editorial Board

Daily Journal Editorial Board
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Have you ever spent time speaking with friends, acquaintances or strangers, and you heard a comment that made you upset? Of course, you have; you’re a human being.

In 1955, an unmarried pregnant University of Wisconsin graduate student left her home and traveled to San Francisco to a doctor who took in unwed expectant mothers, delivered their babies and helped arrange adoptions.

Ken: “Let’s make Twitter maximum fun.” That is what Elon Musk tweeted on April 27 after he bought the social media company for $44 billion. Everybody needs a hobby and a man whose net worth is about $250 billion can have expensive hobbies.

I must admit that based upon my upbringing, perfection was a goal to be sought in virtually every encounter, be it academics, athletics or even raising my purebred sheep. The goal was to be the best.

Regrettably, the U.S. is still performing abortions at alarming rates, only one of six countries in the world doing so. Just this past week, the wheels came off at the Supreme Court over the matter.

To most people, it is instinctual to render help to a person enduring physical violence. Especially if the victim is a child, elderly or female. But, have you ever wondered why some people choose to video record a violent assault rather than offer assistance to the victim?

The Irish dramatist George Bernard Shaw coined, “Youth is wasted on the young.” He later went on to say, “They’re brainless and don’t know what they have; they squander every opportunity of being young, on being young.”

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