The president of the United States lied. Again. This time irrefutably. There is no debate about the credibility of unnamed sources. The president is the source. Still, to a certain segment, it does not matter.

It is never a bombshell when President Donald Trump is accused to being less than forthcoming with the truth. It has happened so often that before a claim can be validated, a new and better lie is discovered. This time it should be different.

However, it won’t be.

In a soon-to-be released book by author Bob Woodward, the president is reported to have known about the severity of the coronavirus as early as February this year. Yet, he told the American people on subsequent occasions that the virus was not much more detrimental than the flu. And that the pandemic was under control. Again, there are no disputable unnamed sources. There is audio of the president saying he knew the health crisis was a bigger threat to the entire country than he admitted publicly.

Or, in his own words, the president “downplayed” the magnitude of the situation to the public. He lied to us.

Some six months later when this particular lie was exposed, the president lied again.

His defense is that he did not want to create a national panic situation by telling the country the truth. Creating panic is his greatest attribute. Remember the wall that was so desperately needed to prevent too many bad “hombres” from entering the country via our southern border? Citizens were so panic-stricken that some even implemented their own border patrol protection. Others donated to a scam build the wall fund. Two years later, there was the manufactured “caravan” crisis. Since the end of May, the country has been on edge because of the president’s continued insistence that dangerous, domestic terrorists are going to destroy the country.

Creating panic and chaos is what this president does best.

We are supposed to believe that a man who rode his reputation for telling it like it is from TV to White House was suddenly reluctant to be who he is? Causing a disruption was a concern? He actually cared about something other than his reelection? No. More than half of the country is not that foolish. Or accepting of his latest con job.

When it was reported last week that the president had made disparaging comments about some of our dead or wounded veterans, his supporters demanded to know the sources of the reports. Without identified sources, they would not even entertain the possibility that he could have said anything like that. Although there is precedent of his disdain for an honorably discharged veteran. And precedent that his supporters condone such disrespect and conduct unbecoming of the highest office in the country.

It cannot be mere political ideology that his base defends so fervently. The level of acceptance of his deplorable personal behavior is mind boggling. It is as if some of his base are living vicariously through the president. His normal bravado has emboldened them. It is as if some of his most ardent followers, including some members of Congress, have put their own moral fiber, intelligence, common sense, dignity, honesty on the back burner.

They are not protecting a political position. They will not abandon him. He represents a reflection of who they are. They will vote for him again. Even twice if he tells them to.

Fortunately, the majority of the country knows differently. We know who the president is.

“When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time. People know themselves much better than you do. That’s why it’s important to stop expecting them to be something other than who they are.”

Maya Angelou

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