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KEN: Although U.S. President FDR was a strong proponent of unions for workers in the private sector, he went on record in 1937 as being opposed to collective bargaining for federal government employees. Congress was in agreement and passed legislation forbidding job action strikes by federal…

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Joe: The classified documents debacle continues. At this point, classified docs have turned up in the possession of Donald Trump, Joe Biden and Mike Pence, I assume that you feel that you can’t prosecute Trump without prosecuting the others.

Joe: Merry Christmas. The end of 2022 is approaching fast, but it looks like COVID will continue big time in 2023. When will the pandemic end? In the Tribune today [Dec. 16], a top doc says COVID levels are soon to be high in Chicago. No one wants vaccine or mask mandates or lockdowns.

Joe: Happy Holidays. The season of “hope” and “joy” is upon us or at least it is supposed to be. For many people, however, this time of year evokes a lot of loneliness, sadness and anxiety.

Ken: It’s taken a week to tally the votes, but now it is official: Republicans have flipped the U.S. House of representatives, albeit by a slender majority. Not everything that they hoped for, but it means the Queen of the House is gone, and likely gone as well are the probes and subpoenas f…

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Daily Journal Editorial Board

Daily Journal Editorial Board

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For the longest time, I just ignored the word “woke.” It had no meaning for me in a political sense. Then I started hearing that people were calling other people by that word and that they were the other side, or antiwoke.

As our country celebrates Women’s History Month and looks ahead to local elections this fall, it’s important for us to celebrate the everyday heroines in communities across the country who are the essential workers of our democracy: poll workers.

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy sent a clear signal Tuesday: The chances of a debt limit breach and subsequent government default and economic calamity aren’t only very real, but fairly high. Probably higher than 50-50. Maybe a lot higher. And McCarthy has no idea how to get out of it.

A transgender Tennessee mass shooter this week executed three adults and three 9-year-old children at a Nashville private Christian school.

About the columnists

About the columnists

Dr. Ken Johnston has been an ENT surgeon in Kankakee since 1976. He has been on several community boards and has been involved with clubs and organizations. He has lived in Bourbonnais since 1981. He can be contacted through the Daily Journal at or directly at

Joe Yurgine is a practicing attorney. He can be contacted through the Daily Journal at or directly at

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