So, which Michigan beauty contestant is going to have the chutzpah to pick up the tiara ripped from Kathy Zhu’s head, plunk it on her own noggin, and head to Las Vegas for the Miss World America Organization contest? Think anyone will believe she really won the contest?

If you’re unaware of what I’m rambling about, Zhu, 20, is the young lady, an American citizen of Chinese descent, attending the University of Michigan, who won the Miss World America beauty contest for the state of Michigan. A day after being crowned, she was emailed by the pageant’s state director, Lauri DeJack, that she had been stripped of her title. The email stated: “It has been brought to the attention of Miss World America … that your social media accounts contain offensive, insensitive and inappropriate content.”

The comments DeJack is referring to were tweets from Zhu. In 2017, Zhu tweeted, “Did you know the majority of black deaths are caused by other blacks? Fix problems within your own community first before blaming others.” (Recall, she is Chinese, not Caucasian)

While possibly somewhat insensitive, a statement shouldn’t be considered offensive when true. There are plenty of other prominent black folks, Candace Owens, Star Parker and Thomas Sowell to name a few, who have made similar comments. If you don’t believe she’s right, look no further than those unfortunate souls living on the south side of Chicago getting slaughtered daily.

Zhu’s other tweet/crime came last year when she was invited to try on a hijab, a head covering for Muslim women worn in public. She allegedly refused so they tried to “accessorize” her forcibly. Afterward, she tweeted, “So you’re telling me that it’s now just a fashion accessory and not a religious thing? Or are you just trying to get women used to being oppressed under Islam?”

What reason does a person not of the Muslim faith need to wear a hijab? How would the Muslim Student Association felt if OY, the Jewish Cultural Group requested everyone wear yarmulkes? Offensive, inappropriate, insensitive or inappropriate or not, I’m not trying one on either.

At most, Zhu might have been somewhat unkind but making comments, regardless of whether inconsiderate or not, is her First Amendment right. A lot of good people died to make sure we can all make comments, insensitive or not. I do it all the time according to some readers. But to strip her crown over a couple of comments seems like there must have been something else at play.

Well, it happens there was something else in Zhu’s background that DeJack discovered, which evidently didn’t sit well with pageant honchos. Seems Zhu is one of those low-life, good-for-nothing, love-it-or-leave it, conservative-type cranks like me. She’s also a vice president of the school’s College Republicans, and worst of all, (egad — don’t let the kids read this), a fervent Donald Trump supporter. Can you imagine the anguish when pageant officials found out that a Trump supporter would represent them in the Miss World America pageant? Oh, the humiliation!

If it were me, I’d be looking for a lawyer to sue the bejesus out of the MWA for punishing her for using her First Amendment right. This has the potential to cost her a tremendous amount of money. It’s not a crime in this country (yet) to make truthful comments, regardless of who thinks they might be politically incorrect and its high time conservatives struck back.

On to another diatribe;

At a cost of $40-plus million, what did you think about the finale — last Wednesday’s clown act, hosted by Rep. Jerry Nadler? The Democrats insisted on dragging out Robert Mueller, a doddering and confused old lawyer, for the world to see how inept he has been for the past two plus years chasing witches. Seems the Democrats thought Mueller was going to show up with some irrefutable proof that Trump kills babies and should be shot. (Oops, sorry, that’s the Democrats who do that.)

No wonder Mueller didn’t know what was in the Mueller Report…he didn’t write it. Andrew Weisman, a “distinguished” lawyer and member of the Department of Justice, penned it. Weisman also was at Hillary Clinton’s “victory” party the night she was supposed to be coroneted. No bias there, folks, just move on.

And finally:

Two police officers are the fathers of five of my grandkids. I thought I was going to go blind with rage when I saw the video of those Harlem cretins dousing patrolmen with buckets of water in New York. Because of the environment established by liberals like America’s worst mayor, Bill de Blasio, those officers have been rendered unable to defend themselves and its detestable.

We might be able to see our future from here.

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