On Monday, I watched the political theater of Judge Amy Coney Barrett sitting in front of a group of senators from both parties. They would preen ad nauseum for the camera for days. The lower part of Barrett’s face was masked in Hannibal Lecter fashion, eyes sharply observing the spectacle before her. Fortunately, they let her take the mask off the rest of the week. Monday must be a bad day for China bug spreading.

Democrats hyperventilated Barrett would snatch away medical care from “American citizens.” (Dems finally must have gotten around to reading what was in Obamacare). It should be pointed out, in Democrat vernacular, the term “American citizens” only means those who didn’t vote for Trump, or about about half the country. The rest of us understand Trump will come up with something to replace it.

Religious dogma not being high on the list for most Democrats because of that bothersome abortion matter, they tip-toed around Barrett’s Catholicism. But as the Roe v. Wade issue is high on the list for any self-respecting liberal, they tried every conceivable way to get her to admit she was going to block their baby-killing mechanism. They also grilled her repeatedly if she was going to allow Trump to remain in office, after they had plotted so heavily to remove him.

Well, they didn’t say those things in that way, but that’s what they meant. She resolutely declined to take the bait.

Embarrassing the citizens of Illinois, again, the pretentious and pompous Dick Durbin sermonized a woman who was clearly his mental superior. Not to be outdone and displaying the intelligence level of a moron, Sen. Hirono, of Hawaii, asked the judge if she ever had committed sexual assault. It’s probably a good thing she didn’t ask me, as I’d be writing this commentary from prison.

Republicans took turns running interference on why Barrett is the second coming of Oliver Wendall Holmes. They also tried to justify why they are not guilty of being duplicitous over their refusal to vote on Merrick Garland four years earlier. Running out of questions, by Wednesday they were asking her about the Houston Astros’ cheating scandal and who does the laundry.

It became apparent early on Barret is more intelligent than most of the people interrogating her with their bloviations. By Wednesday she had pretty much confirmed it. By the time you read this, she probably will be sitting in Ginsburg’s old chair.

Congratulations, Supreme Court Associate Amy Coney Barrett.

On another political note:

What does your gut tell you when the Speaker of the House begins pushing the 25th Amendment just days before the next election?

Democrats THINK they are voting for Biden (mostly because they hate Trump), completely ignoring his son’s emails. (Perhaps Hunter should have consulted Hillary.) On the minute chance Biden gets elected, the left wing of the Swamp quickly will remove their candidate and replace him with a condescending socialist no one wanted to vote for back when she was slinging mud at Biden.

On Oct. 9, Nancy Pelosi appeared before a news conference, nose repeatedly flopping over her mask, to announce the creation of a “Commission of Presidential Capacity” to preside over the 25th Amendment, outlining the removal of a president.

Because the House will not be in session until after the election, this plot can’t be another ploy to remove Trump from office … this term. Having failed in her impeachment hoax, even she realizes that dog no longer will hunt. But, in this ploy, she will get her cake and shove it in her pie hole, too.

Her devious plan works regardless of who wins:

• If Biden, as the Swamp is plotting, she can subvert the will of the people –- that would be Democrats — by having Biden banished to an assisted care facility, then insert Comrade KA-MALA Harris, or;

• If Trump, she can threaten him with the 25th Amendment every time he does something she doesn’t like – currently about every 15 minutes. This will take the place of the impeachment hoax so hearings will go on nonstop. The media will be orgasmic.

Consider the irony. An 80-year-old, likely alcoholic, House Speaker, older than both Biden and Trump, now is worried about the mental capacities of a forthcoming president. She and her Swamp cronies want to arbitrarily decide if someone else is fit to hold office. Many of us believe Pelosi is incompetent for office. Just last week, on ABC’s “The View” Nancy waved her arms and said “the president has always had erotic behaviors” when asked about a stimulus bill.

The California district Pelosi represents includes San Francisco, a cesspool consisting of only the wealthy and homeless. The middle class has been driven out of the city under her over lordship, sort of similar to communism. Streets are filled with homeless people, many with mental problems, who regularly perform bodily functions on the street. Drug use is rampant; the streets are littered with hypodermic needles. The wealthy have walled themselves off from the Great Unwashed.

Pelosi has done nothing in her role of Speaker of the House since Trump was elected, except to obsessively make the president’s life miserable, at our expense. She is the poster child for term limits in Congress.

We need to drain the Swamp this election, folks.

Alan Webber is a local businessman, author and blogger. He can be reached at editors@daily-journal.com or directly at packerbacker1957@yahoo.com.

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