Having survived another Rollison tournament, I’m back writing another commentary with some random thoughts running around my brain.

At this time, meteorologists are reporting Hurricane Dorian is unleashing havoc on the Florida coastline, then will terrorize the East Coast for the remainder of the week. The media has been in a frenzy with “nonstop-breaking news” forecasting Armageddon, titillating us to be glued to the television for a glimpse of news in between commercials.

The weather folks have been scrambling to predict where Dorian will make landfall. If you think about that, we aren’t advanced scientifically enough to accurately state where a hurricane will strike, but “we” know the Earth will come to an end in 10 to 12 years because of global warming? This would be a good time to point out in 1989, the United Nations predicted nations would be wiped off the Earth by the year 2000 if global warming wasn’t reversed. Al Gore predicted in 2006 the ice caps would be gone by now, increasing his wealth to $300 million (tenfold) while doing so.

Inevitably, when Dorian expires, Democratic presidential hopefuls will blame Donald Trump for starting a hurricane, misdirecting FEMA and engaging in more racist activity in the aftermath. Rest assured, whatever is done, won’t be to the liking of those souls suffering Trump Derangement Syndrome.

Speaking of starting a hurricane, remember when President “W” Bush was crucified for his tepid response to Hurricane Katrina, particularly by then-New Orleans Mayor Ray “Chocolate City” Nagin? The media relished stuffing a microphone into Nagin’s pie hole in 2005 so he could plead for more financial assistance. By 2014, Nagin, having been caught hand in cookie jar, began a 10-year residence in a Texarkana prison on 21 charges of various kickback schemes by clean-up contractors. I mention this as the predictable Trump blame game starts to mount, post-Dorian.

The Justice Department just ruled former FBI head honcho James Comey was found to have broken several FBI policies and to have been “extremely careless?” If you recall, Comey leaked a memo to the New York Times about a conversation with Trump. Then lied about it. Incredibly, Comey won’t be prosecuted. Like J. Edgar Hoover before him, Comey more than likely has so much sewage on the Swamp creatures, he can’t be thrown in the poke. Suppose he kept Hoover’s enormous porn collection, too? Asking for a friend.

I wonder if Major League Baseball feels silly for their emotional promotion of the death of Angels’ pitcher Tyler Skaggs? In one game, the entire Angels team wore Skaggs’ number 45. Tribute videos were played over tears. Turns out, Skaggs had enough alcohol, fentanyl and oxycodone in his system he choked on his vomit. Overdose deaths by gifted and pampered athletes, musicians and/or actors doesn’t seem to be worthy of tribute, in my opinion. I was more disheartened by the passing of Frank Robinson and Billy Buckner this year; players kids could look to as role models.

Donna Reneau, what a piece of work you are. Employed by the taxpayers of Fort Smith, Ark., as a 911 operator, you berated Debra Stevens, who had the misfortune of reaching you when calling to report being trapped on a flooded road. Ms. Reneau, you were paid to assist, not chastise. Consequently, the terrified Ms. Stevens drowned.

Another 47 people were shot — seven of whom died — in Chicago during the Labor Day weekend. So far, that’s 1,445 shootings resulting in 329 murders. That’s Chicago, as in Illinois, where they have nearly the strictest gun laws in the nation. The mayor blamed Republicans. Maybe Chicago should try making heroin and meth illegal next so as to reduce overdoses, too. Oh, wait...

Democratic-Socialist presidential candidate Bernie Sanders proposed to pay all student debt, a $1.52 trillion obligation. That requires shifting the debt to us taxpayers as the liability must be paid by someone.

So, to be clear, there are many people, like me, who went straight from high school to the workforce and spent 40-plus years working six days per week. Now we’re supposed to cough up tax money toward a four-year party junior had in order to attain a worthless degree in gender studies?

This week, the “Bern.” who owns three homes and a Mercedes, upped the ante by promising to pay all medical debt, too. That’s another $81 billion transferred over to us schmucks (taxpayers), courtesy of Sanders’ hallucinations.

There are more than 13 million people who voted for Sanders, and presumably will do so again, most who evidently don’t comprehend how socialism works. What is even more chilling is those supporters who do understand socialism.

P.T. Barnum was right.

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