Remember when Hillary Clinton called Donald Trump voters a “basket of deplorables.” Well, MSNBC was recently looking under rocks and managed to find a former naval intelligence officer named Malcolm Nance who compared Trump voters to ISIS. Guess we know why he is a “former” intelligence officer.

CNN is now pushing a narrative that Trump supporters are trapped in a cult. Seriously.

Vanity Fair magazine mentioned the cult in an interview with George Conway, husband to Trump advisor Kellyanne Conway, reporting that he tells people “she’s in a cult.” It should be noted Mr. Conway in not a fan of the president after being rejected for a position in the administration.

From there, CNN’s chief media correspondent, Brian Stelter, was able to get Anthony Scaramucci, who held the job — for a week — of House director of communications under Trump, to repeat the cult mantra.

Stelter parlayed that to get former CBS News anchor Dan Rather to repeat the cult chant. Rather went so far as to include Sen. Mitch McConnell under the spell of the cult. To jog your memory, Rather disgraced himself when he used unconfirmed documents for a story on George W. Bush’s National Guard service. Ever wonder how many other stories Rather might have manipulated in his 44 years of “reporting?”

All of this cult absurdity might stem from a book by Steve Hassan, called “The Cult of Trump.” Hassan was trapped in the San Myung Moon’s Unification Church cult back in the ’70s and has since made a living being a “de-programmer” for people in the clutches of a cult.

Hassan claims Trump is using mind control over his supporters. (Note: I did not read the book.) If you think about that, stating Trump supporters’ brains are being manipulated, he hubristically implies that all 63 million of us are stupid because of our choice of candidate for president. And if we are really that ignorant, then perhaps we will buy his book and/or sign up for his de-programming services before November 2020. Bless his little capitalistic heart.

With the left, it never stops. Are we to put any confidence in the people promoting these conspiracies?

Some folks on both sides of the aisle are starting to quote the late Rodney King, “Why can’t we all get along?” Mr. King was the man beaten violently by the Los Angeles police after he fled arrest. This touched off the bloody Los Angeles riots in 1992 when policemen were acquitted in a criminal court. King later received a large settlement in a civil suit and eventually drowned with a snoot full of dope.

It’s naïve to “all get along” when the left has spent every minute of the Trump presidency, thus far, trying to impeach him and calling us deplorable, racist, misogynistic, xenophobic, white supremacist, ISIS and now gullible enough to fall under the spell of a cult … as Hassan did. And while they are doing this, the mainstream media cheer leads their efforts. I don’t know about you folks, but I’m just not very hospitable when called names.

Reviewing some of the moronic politicians and celebrities who guaranteed Trump would never win the White House, in front of large crowds or the camera, is revealing. (Link —

Politicians from Lindsey Graham on the right to Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama on the left piled on. Obama made unpresidential jokes about Trump on the campaign trail.

Then, there were nearly every celebrity and all the late-night talk show clowns bashing a Trump candidacy for the camera. Seth Myers made fun of a Trump candidacy at a banquet, with Trump sitting in the audience. Everyone roared with laughter, except Trump, who had a camera pointed at him. Who’s the idiot now, Seth?

Even news pundits George Will, Lou Dobbs, Carl Rove, George Stephanopoulos and Bob Beckle got in on the act. Pelosi and Beckle moronically guaranteed Trump would never win.

You suppose these people have a common interest? None of them apologized for their boorish behavior, but they all continue to bash our pick for president, as if they are smarter than Trump supporters.

And now, they and their ilk, seeing nothing else working, still try to impeach him and promote phony theories in order for us to “all get along.” The nation is divided, they say, and we all need to come together — their way. It is we who need to relent, they say.

Their version of all of us getting along is for us to succumb to their leftist ideals. To quote the recently late Elijah Cummins, “over my dead body.”

Please, don’t let Hillary know I said that.

Alan N. Webber is a local businessman and part-time author. In addition to his blog, he has published a novel entitled “Whipping Post,” putting a human face on the life of an over-the-road truck driver. He can be reached at or

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