Well, well … it’s getting interesting at the Department of Justice. It occurs to me this might be a delusion, or possibly my overactive imagination, but it bears commentary.

Fending off nearly every Democrat and RINO within sight, Attorney General Barr and Assistant U.S. Attorney John Durham finally have been able to slash a narrow trail through the murky Deep State. Emerging out the other side of the Swamp, the two sleuths happen upon a sun-drenched clearing resembling an Emerald City, complete with a munchkin-like commune established in front of an enchanted castle, nestled alongside the Martha’s Vineyard shoreline.

There are munchkins everywhere — some sitting in a circle, holding hands and singing kumbaya, led by the Wicked Witch Pelosi, and others are tending rows of marijuana under the watchful eye of Gate Keeper Chuck Schumer. Button-Bright Nadler’s job is to slop hogs. Their real interests are to keep stoking the fires of Trump Derangement Syndrome throughout the commune.

Advancing toward the mansion, Barr and Durham fight off the lies and misdirection of Adam Schiff, as well as the pretentious Lollipop Guild. They are anarchists with names such as Strzok, Brenan and Clapper, who have been taking turns kicking General Michael Flynn, and an extremely large munchkin, fired-FBI director Jim Comey, sits atop Flynn, threatening prison anytime the poor man protests.

Halting the Flynn beatings, Barr sets sights on scaling the outer echelons of the fortress, unaware yet another munchkin, Judge Emmet Sullivan, is hiding under a rock, waiting. Only after the two gumshoes depart, Sullivan magically appears, ordering the continuation of the Flynn beatings while he scouts for someone, anyone, who might make the beatings “legitimate.”

Once inside the castle, Barr and Durham come upon a plush inner lair. Gold, silver, and precious stones are stacked everywhere, flowing from chests with Greek, Chinese and Ukrainian markings. There, Joe Biden, Susan Rice, Loretta Lynch and Eric Holder are found luxuriously lounging about, boasting and leaking information to their favorite media outlet, as they get foot rubs by fawning media munchkins.

Durham barges around the media-scribes, ignoring their pitiful outcries and future headlines, pulls back a leaf-adorned curtain to expose what is behind. There, sitting on a thrown made of tax-payer gold, frantically pulling levers and barking orders into a Bluetooth set, was … not the mighty Oz, but former president, Barack Obama.

Imagine Barr and Durham’s shock. It was not Russian President Putin or Chinese President Jinping, nor even Crooked Hillary, but Obama, a former president of the United States who had been entrusted for eight years to lead our country. Now, Obama might conceivably be implicated for consenting to deceptions and obstructions against at his predecessor, Donald Trump, in an attempt to hide nefarious acts.

Sound like a dream, hallucination or possibly just indigestion? Bet some of you think so. Perhaps. Time will tell, but it’s becoming increasingly palpable he and/or his sycophants, abetted by a corrupt media, have been behind the Russian hoax that dragged on for three years. It allowed virtually nothing else to be done in Congress and, in its wake, nearly has torn this country apart and cost us untold billions of tax dollars. I’ve been writing about this situation for years, and it looks as though it finally might be exposed.

As the noose tightens on who knew what and when on the Flynn matter, Obama flippantly said, “The news over the last 24 hours, I think has been somewhat downplayed about the Justice Department dropping charges against Michael Flynn. That’s the kind of stuff where you begin to get worried that basic — not just institutional norms — but our basic understanding of rule of law is at risk. And when you start moving in those directions, it can accelerate pretty quickly as we’ve seen in other places.”

That’s rich. Under his “rule of law” in January 2017, he pardoned Gen. James Cartwright, who also pleaded guilty to making false statements, the same charges Flynn now has been defending himself of … and going broke in the process. Obama probably was afraid Flynn would find where the bodies were buried.

There’s considerable uncertainty circulating right now about who knew what and when. I might be from Chebanse, but they taught me where there’s smoke, there’s fire. If a former president of the United States has done something, or instructed his henchmen to do anything, impeding the progress of the will of the American people, by setting obstacles for an incoming president, I assert that to be nothing less than sedition, subject to rather harsh punishment.

Some will believe I’m just diverting interest away from the pandemic, the one pathetically scaring the bejesus out of the country to forfeit their civil liberties by political hacks such as Pritzker, Whitmer and Cuomo.

I think I’ll exercise my freedom to go for a motorcycle ride now.

Alan Webber is a local businessman, author and blogger. He can be reached at editors@daily-journal.com or directly at packerbacker1957@yahoo.com

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