A couple years ago, I wrote opposition to an op-ed that the Washington Redskins football team should change their name. The paper published my rebuttal. You’ve been stuck with me ever since.

Now, the Redskin organization, owned primarily by Dan Snyder, has announced they will succumb to PC pressure, dropping the name Redskins, as well as the Indian logo. It’s been their nickname for 87 years.

Supposedly, this came as great relief to the Navajo nation, although the logo was not a Navajo, but of a man from the Blackfeet tribe named John “Two Guns” White Calf, designed in 1971 by Blackie Wetzel, also of the Blackfeet tribe.

While Snyder resisted the name change for years, he capitulated for money. Would you expect anything less? FedEx was paying $207 million for naming rights to the stadium, located in Maryland, and were threatening Snyder’s wallet. Snyder wants a new stadium built inside the D.C. city limits and must be counting on FedEx to pony up more dough for the new digs; well, at least that portion taxpayers don’t get stuck with.

In lockstep, other liberally managed corporations such as Amazon, Walmart, Target, Nike and Dick’s Sporting Goods pulled Redskin merchandise from their stores. Doesn’t that give you a warm, fuzzy feeling to know the nation’s largest retailers are in on the plot to turn our country into a socialist cesspool resembling Venezuela?

At the time of this writing, there is no official new name for the Redskins’ franchise. Having beaten Snyder into submission, the Navajo now want to name the team, too. They suggested the Navajo Code Talkers, after the secret language used during World War II. Redtails is also a leading contender, named after the Tuskegee Airmen, a collection of black World War II fighter pilots.

I’d like to offer a few suggestions:

How about the Washington Wimps? They don’t play particularly good football, and there is that matter of Snyder surrendering to political correctness.

If they really want to chase more corporate money and atone for their sins, they could dangle naming rights in front of the corporations that removed their merchandise from shelves.

For example, there could be the Washington Fed X’ers, the Washington Amazonians or even the DC Dick’s.

My favorite — the Washington Trumps. There could be a big gold “T” for the logo. The helmets and jerseys would be red, white and blue. Adam Schiff would have to start another bogus impeachment campaign at how Snyder and Trump pulled that off.

The woke crowd won’t stop with the Redskins, folks. The MLB’s Cleveland Indians recently deleted their logo, Chief Wahoo, who’d been grinning exuberantly on ballcaps since 1947.

They’re “working” on a new name now.

Many Cleveland baseball fans, having accepted the removal of the Indians’ name and logo whether they liked it or not, would like to see the team go back to original names such as the Spiders or Naps. The ultimate decision is going to be up to ownership … along with input from an Indian tribe. The fans … you know, those people paying for the tickets, beer, and hot dogs that pay all those ridiculously huge salaries, will evidently not have a voice.

There is also rumbling about the “racist” Texas Rangers baseball franchise changing names too. Incredibly, snowflakes now equate the name of a famous law enforcement agency to the Klan due to their alleged harsh brutality. Are the Minneapolis Vikings far behind? (Makes one wonder how the Pittsburgh Pirates name never came up, although we probably already know that answer.)

After the woke crowd gets their way with these franchises, they will look around for more “injustices” to whine about. The general consensus is they will more than likely put the Atlanta Braves in their cross hairs next. The Braves said they aren’t budging on the name, but absurdly agreed to curb the “tomahawk chant” — yet another attack on First Amendment rights. The Kansas City Chiefs will come shortly thereafter.

You watch, eventually they will focus their snowflake-ness on our beloved Blackhawks (hockey) name and logo, perhaps the most iconic logo in sports. Wanna bet?

Blackhawks management vowed to keep the name. “The Chicago Blackhawks name and logo symbolizes an important and historic person, Black Hawk of Illinois … , whose leadership and life has inspired generations of Native Americans, veterans and the public,” the Hawks stated to the Chicago Sun-Times, with a straight face. Additional sanctimonious statements followed. Afterward, everyone held hands and sang kumbaya.

Black Hawk, by the way, was part of the Sauk tribe. During the War of 1812, he fought on the side of the British against the United States, perhaps explaining why Blackhawks management can act smug about not having to change their name at this time. Anyone who fought against the founding of America can’t be all that bad in a liberal’s head.

Well, I doubt I’ll be watching any of them anyway.

Alan Webber is a local businessman, author and blogger. He can be reached at editors@daily-journal.com

or directly at packerbacker1957@yahoo.com.

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