Recently, it was announced Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg passed away. Due to chronic health issues, she hadn’t been around much for a year. Frankly, given ongoing medical struggles for the past two decades, one wonders if it was her opinions we were getting, or those of law clerks. It was past time to replace her.

That last paragraph wasn’t nice. I didn’t feel virtuous writing it. Ginsburg was a brilliant, tough jurist and, with the exception we didn’t agree ideologically, she was someone the country should hold in high regard.

But you know what else wasn’t nice? RGB’s granddaughter, Clara Spera, saying bubbee “dictated” a deathbed statement that “her most fervent wish is (she) will not be replaced until a new president is installed.” Bull! It was likely pathetic fiction. Who thinks like that on their deathbed? Why didn’t Ms. Spera record the statement with the cellphone that was surely glued to her hand?

RGB gives us a reason to reconsider the idea of life-time appointments. Perhaps we should cap the age of people holding important political offices. With all due respect to the elderly, I’m thinking 80-85 might be an appropriate age for retirement from public service. (75 in Joe Biden’s case.) While elderly folks are usually much wiser, they typically have medical issues hindering their available time, as with RGB, which may also impact mental capacity. And how would the average citizen know?

While RGB regally laid in state in the Capitol Rotunda, in typical low-class whiny behavior, liberal morons jeered President Trump as he somberly paid his respects. Asininity has never been the left’s short suit.

RGB was the first woman to receive this honor at the Rotunda. It could be said she was the first honored solely for being a SCOTUS judge. William Howard Taft was also a member of SCOTUS and laid in state, but he had served as POTUS first.

Before you get too impressed with Rotunda rituals, the weird and corrupt J. Edgar Hoover was also honored in this way, which sort of tarnishes the whole affair. No laws decree who is to be so honored, it’s just a consensus among the equally weird and corrupt Congress. There were other, perhaps even more worthy SCOTUS judges, befitting the honor. Oliver Wendall Holmes comes to my mind.

This brings me to RGB’s apparent replacement, Judge Amy Coney Barrett. From a legal standpoint, the former clerk for SCOTUS judge Antonin Scalia, has outstanding impressive credentials, is a strict “Constitutionalist” and should be a natural selection for the high court. I’d call it a fair trade, but hey, I’m from Chebanse. Oddly, it seems everyone doesn’t think that way though.

Hell-bent on vengeance with Sen. McConnell for not considering an Obama selection in 2016, Sen. Schumer is bawling to anyone who will listen the GOP will have stolen two SCOTUS seats with Barrett’s appointment. Not sure of his logic, but it is the rare individual who understands or trusts Schumer’s regurgitations. He would do well to recall Obama’s snide remark — “elections have consequences.”

As of this writing, six senators have childishly decreed they will not meet with Barrett to discuss her credentials. Would you believe they are all Democrats? Among the list is Dick Blumenthal from Connecticut, the guy who lied about his Vietnam military service, although never having been there. Blumenthal calls Barrett’s appointment an illegitimate sham process. Do you recall the recent Democrat lynching of the Kavanaugh hearings, Dick? Are you going to find another Christine Blasey Ford-like-character under a rock during the hearing again? Democrats invented sham processes.

Liberals are worried Barrett might vote to overturn the Affordable Care Act. This is doubtful as Barrett believes judges should not legislate from the bench. Their other fear is she might vote against Roe v. Wade, which would curtail the Democrats macabre tradition of murdering babies.

With all due apologies to the legal profession, I believe Barrett an excellent selection. Contrary to lefties’ shrieks and lies, I think her presence will bestow more credibility on the panel pursuant to the Framer’s intent. We need someone to replace the vision of Judge Scalia.

However, had I been consulted — as should’ve been — I might have advised a less controversial judge given the election year. Barrett, a conservative Catholic in the truest sense, is a lightning rod for everything the left abhors. Her upcoming conferment will unleash even more tantrums among the left, something we really don’t need more of in a year we all wish was over.

Perhaps Barbara Lagoa, a Cuban-American from Miami, Trump’s second choice, might have been a safer option for SCOTUS. Democrats would have been in a pickle complaining about her selection as they would not want to upset the Hispanic population lynching Lagoa, as they will Barrett.

Then again, if Trump wanted to upset the entire applecart, disregarding gender, race, religion and politics, (a novel idea) he could have picked perhaps the best choice, Senator Tom Cotton. Imagine the hysterics that would have prompted from everybody.

Welcome to new SCOTUS Magistrate, Amy Coney Barrett.

Alan Webber is a local businessman, author and blogger. He can be reached at or directly at

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