Thanks to the people of Cook County, including the collar counties, as well as the fine folks in the Peoria counties, we schmucks from Illinois are going to get besieged with increased taxes and fees, on top of the incredibly high taxes and fees we already pay for the “privilege” to live in this state. You can thank those particular individuals because they are the people that elected J.B. Pritzker governor.

For the record, there are 102 counties in Illinois. Gov. Pritzker won a whopping 16 of them, less than 16 percent, demonstrating how perhaps Illinois needs its own electoral college. Kudos to my old stomping grounds, Iroquois County, leading the state with four out of five residents voting for someone not named Pritzker.

Now our billionaire governor, who was caught removing toilets from a mansion to avoid paying real estate taxes, is poised to hurl higher taxes and fees at us. Had those voters stayed home, or kept their hands in their own pockets, Pritzker would not be governor and someone else in the governor’s mansion would be trying to rein in Madigan’s Minions in Springfield from their quest to make us the “California” of the Midwest.

The 54-year-old JB Pritzker was born into immense wealth. He and his family own the Hyatt Hotel chain. Worth $3.2 billion, he is wealthier than any other governor in the history of the country. He is also the richest politician ever to hold office other than New York’s Michael Bloomberg. And I don’t begrudge him for one dime of his wealth. However, none of these higher taxes Pritzker has pulled through Springfield (pushed on the other end by Madigan) will have any effect on the man’s life...ever. We however, will be stuck with these taxes and fees perpetually.

Calling it taxation, our Illinois government, headed by Pritzker, intends to “appropriate” somewhere around another $6.9 billion dollars from the pocketbooks of those people that are left in Illinois. Among all the other negative statistics that Illinois leads the nation in when taking advantage of its residents, it also leads in people exiting. (Incidentally, there is no truth to the rumor that U-Haul voted Pritzker its Salesman of the Year award). But, if the new progressive tax measure is voted in, even more people, those with money, will exit the state...and take their money with them.

The gas tax will double from 19 cents to 38 cents, which will collect an addition $1.2 billion, for the privilege of driving on roads full of potholes. Diesel users, which is predominately business entities, will see the tax increased even more to 45.5 cents. One silly reporter from Crain’s Chicago Business naively gushed that “Truckers are happy the fuel tax is being doubled.” Yeah, lady, businesses are always happy about more tax. And you write for a business newspaper?

Additionally, license plates will triple in cost to $151. Electric car fees will go up almost 1,500 percent, to $248 per year. And you smokers will pay an extra $1 per pack in taxes, giving you more reason to quit. Imagine all the other items legislators considered taxing or increasing that didn’t make it to the final bill. I wonder if air was on that list?

Not surprisingly, all the new casinos will go to those counties that just happened to vote for Pritzker. Will the new pot licenses follow suit?

Very little will truly get fixed with the new money, folks. By the time politicians have divvied the new money (pork) up between their various personal interests, (who in turn vote them back in to office); pay for the mistakes of past governments with the pension mess; pay for all the extra abortions and illegal aliens to be allowed in the state on our dime; and thrown more money into the hole that is the Chicago educational system (including the obligatory teachers strikes), there will be little left for the rest of us schmucks in the state. (Interestingly, nothing has been mentioned about reforming the pension system in the future, with a grandfather clause, so we don’t wind up in this same financial mess in years to come). But we won’t be so upset about higher costs this time around because we’ll all be gambling and smoking pot and not care anymore. Yes, they believe we are that foolish.

After all that hard work of increasing our taxes, Illinois lawmakers then passed themselves a nice $1,600 raise to pay their portion of the taxes.

I guess we Illinois schmucks are that foolish.

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