The word “compromise” is overused by Swamp Creatures and their media cronies. It has become pointless and unachievable in today’s political atmosphere.

Our congressmen are not the ideological enemies they and the press would like us to believe. They party together, entertain the same lobbyist, and visit the same watering holes as soon as cameras are turned off. The Swamp has always been just one good-old-boys club — a grand party on our dime.

That camaraderie tightened with Donald Trump’s election of president in 2016. For the first time in forever, an outsider was being sent to the Swamp, and the creatures are horrified by the new sheriff we sent them. He’s brash and not one of them. He can’t be bought. They determined immediately he had to stopped, and will continue to promote his elimination and imprisonment. The Democrats are doing this fiercely, openly, and aggressively. Their RINO counterparts are doing it more passively so as not to offend their electoral base.

Trump threatens their survival. It won’t matter what he does, it needs to be condemned by the Swamp and trumpeted repetitively by an implicit media. Kill 150 Iranians and he will be labeled a war monger. Back off from killing 150 Iranians and he’s labeled spineless. Create jobs for minorities but be labeled a racist. Create the strongest economy in memory and it’s attributed to the inept Obama socialist experiment. Try to build a wall to stop the influx of illegal aliens at the border which Congress impedes, then blame the backup mess on Trump. The list goes on. Nothing he will ever do will be good enough according to the Swamp and their media henchmen.

Compromise is unachievable while Trump’s in office. We are stuck with Swamp resistance for the five additional years Trump will be president. Ignore the term the next time you hear some bubble-headed-bleach-blonde say “compromise,” as it’s not going to happen.

Furthermore, I believe compromise should not be considered at this time either.

Throughout history, society has had laws, norms, and traditional values. If one broke the laws or some of the moral codes, one was removed from society by fines, prison or death. If one deviated from norms, for the most part one kept it to oneself.

Then those matters considered outside traditional values became causes. Those causes became agendas in Congress that were compromised upon by unscrupulous politicians pandering for votes. And through this process, issues morphed into causes not having anything to do with normal life or making our nation better.

As a prime example, we were a Christian nation by birth, and by an almost unanimous majority. It says so on our federal buildings and currency. Then God was thrown out of public places for the benefit of a few malcontents who were not really as much offended as looking for a cause to exploit. And politicians succumbed. Now we are to shun God publicly but be more considerate of Allah.

Other examples might be the depraved race hustler’s politicians pander to incessantly, particularly during election cycles. Reparations is the hot subject this time around.

Gay rights by gentle souls looking for nothing more than equal rights transformed into confusion over bathroom usage, gender uncertainty, and absolute demand of acceptance of bizarre lifestyles, particularly aimed at our youth, that are found objectionable by society. Now boys are identifying as girls to compete, and usually win, in girls’ sports.

Mental health terminology and treatment were determined cruel (and expensive) so the alternative became throwing people out in the as not to label them. We had to protect their “rights” said the left and judges appointed by Obama. The result is rampant drug abuse, squalor, and diseases long thought extinct back in our cities. The west coast, where the 9th Circuit Court reigns, has become one giant commune resembling the aftermath of an outdoor rock concert.

Marijuana is being legalized, state by state, for no other reason than the tax money politicians can get their hands on. What’s next, heroin? In Illinois, it won’t be long until Gov. Pritzker legalizes prostitution.

These are but a few examples of many. It has all been a classic example of the old axiom, “give them an inch, they take a mile.”

How much farther are we going to allow anarchistic rebels to take advantage of our politicians? Will it be until we start killing babies? Oops that one is already out of the bag. Would the average sane person have believed we were capable of that ten years ago?

Perhaps we have compromised enough for a while.

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