It appears Joe Biden’s putting the band back together. He thought so much of being part of Barry & the Bolsheviks for eight years he’s resurrecting it. After all, it seems to have been lucrative to him and his family.

Spring-boarding from debatable election results, Biden is collecting Barack Obama toadies for his cabinet and White House staff. It’s beginning to resemble a third Obama term.

These appointments have all the allure of a Florida swamp:

Antony Blinken will be Secretary of State. Blinken spent time in multiple posts with Barry’s Bolsheviks. Blinken will cozy back up to China, thwarting President Donald Trump’s efforts to level that playing field.

The treasury secretary post will be a retread from both the Bill Clinton and Obama administrations. Janet Yellen will be taking controls back at the Fed as soon as she can boot Steve Mnuchin from the chair.

Alejandro Mayorkas, a lawyer and Obama crony, will head up Homeland Security. He led the implementation of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) --children of illegal immigrants -– under Obama. This pick should generate a few million more Dem votes in the next election.

The new UN ambassador will be Linda Thomas-Greenfield. Would you believe Greenfield was one of the Bolsheviks in Barry’s group, as ambassador to part of Africa?

Avril Haines, who replaced Blinken as deputy security advisor in Barry’s Bolsheviks, will now be director of National Intelligence. She’s the first female to have done something, but I’ve lost interest in media hyperbole of who’s the first to do something.

Ron Klain will be Biden’s chief of staff. He held the same position for Biden in the Bolsheviks heyday, as well as for Al Gore during the Clinton crime spree. He was the Ebola response coordinator briefly for Obama. During the Trump years, Klain, a lawyer, worked as a lobbyist…for big tech. Consider, big tech now has the direct ear of the president.

Steve Ricchetti — senior advisor — was in both Obama and the Clinton crime sprees.

Mike Donilon –- also senior advisor, was councilor to the vice president under Obama. Brother to Tom Donilon who “served” under Obama, Clinton, and Jimmy Carter.

The new White House counsel will be Dana Remus, previously serving as an attorney for the Bolsheviks and the vitriolic Michelle Obama.

Former Obama deputy assistant, Jake Sullivan, will be the new national security advisor.

And then there’s this swamp creature. Former secretary of state and roadie for the Bolsheviks, John Kerry will be “climate czar.” This slime ball will tell us sea levels are rising, yet he plopped down $12 million bucks for an historic ocean-front property in the Cape Cod area recently. He owns multiple mansions, two luxury yachts, exotic cars, and his own private jet…yet this blowhard is going to scold us for not taking the train to work? His carbon footprint in a day is larger than ours in a month.

We should question why these people all want back into yet more government jobs -– what was so bad about the private sector, where we work? The Obama Administration and his ilk were the epitome of a failed social experiment and one we shouldn’t repeat.

Much like everything that was Obama, the hypocrisy and arrogance of the left continues and is nothing short of belligerent. Consider:

• Speaker Pelosi getting her hair done…in a closed salon;

• Chicago Mayor Lightfoot participating in a Biden victory street party, sans mask, then shutting down Thanksgiving;

• California Governor Newsome dining at expensive restaurants in large banned groups;

• Illinois Governor Pritzker jetting family to Florida and lying about it;

• Denver Mayor Hancock flying to Mississippi, incredibly one hour after telling everyone to stay home for Thanksgiving;

• New York Gov. Cuomo casually admitting to inviting his mother to New York from Florida. She had better sense.

What happened to leading by example? Why do we allow this?

The more I research, the more it appears this election was fraudulent. Lawyer and Constitutional scholar, Mark Levin, believes so, too. He states judges grossly overstepped their authority by unconstitutionally going around state legislatures with absurd voter rulings.

Without campaigning, Biden defied every election norm in decades. Trump is the first incumbent in a century to gain votes –- 11 million more — but lose re-election. He won 18 of 19 bellwether counties across the country that have correctly called the winner of the election for the past 40 years.

The swamp won and America lost. Worse, I have an unshakable feeling Obama will be pulling the controls in Oz-like fashion while Biden mindlessly carves his initials into the resolute desk.

Trump voters need to keep in mind there are 74 million of us, a formidable group of people. Trump’s principles, or perhaps Trump himself, will rebound in some way and we need to be ready.

Don’t listen to the pundits and local op-ed writers calling on us to come together in some kumbaya moment. I promise you; they wouldn’t have said that had Trump won. Their comrades would have been on the street destroying more cities. Democrats and the media never let up with their “resistance” for one second while Trump was in office. They never gave him credit for anything and treated us like we were buffoons for supporting him.

Stay defiant Trump Nation. Echo calls for defiance in every corner of the country. For our children and grandchildren’s futures, we must defy the overlords of the swamp and the creep of socialism.

Alan Webber is a local businessman, author and blogger. He can be reached at or directly at