Surely, I’m not the only one fed up with the social anarchy tearing this country apart, as well as the pinheads allowing it to exist? At this rate, people may come to understand the term “silent-majority” with more clarity in November.

Governors have released over 16,000 criminals on the streets amid China bug concerns, while directing the rest of us to stay quarantined and wear masks. You probably won’t believe this, but some of those criminals were re-arrested. It may be a “foolish” question but if masks are so effective, why didn’t they just give them to the prisoners?

Anarchy runs wild on city streets, excused by Democrat mayors, unmindful of their oath to protect life, liberty and property. Insurrection, under the guise of “peaceful protests” occur in Democrat cities daily, resulting in injury, death and destruction of property. President Donald Trump offers assistance, but is scorned, fearful he will quell what they can’t.

In the wake of the anarchy in New York City, Comrade Mayor Bill de Blasio, evidently having nothing better to do, childishly helped paint Black Lives Matter on the street in front of Trump Tower. The BLM mural has been vandalized several times since, so Comrade de Blasio stationed around-the-clock police at the site, right after he cut a billion dollars from the police budget. Maybe Trump should paint Trump2020 in front of New York City Hall.

In St. Louis, Mo., rioters busted through the fence of a gated community, marched up to the first house, only to be met by a terrified couple standing armed outside their home, ready to protect their property. The result of this incident is felony charges have been filed … against the couple protecting their home. Their weapons have also been confiscated.

Fueled by George Soros money, the war-torn cities of Portland, Ore., and Seattle, Wash., have coordinated civil unrest that would make a Baghdad terrorists blush, with no end in sight.

Fourteen people were shot in a volley of gunfire at a funeral last Tuesday afternoon in, would you believe Chicago? A drive-by shooter opened fire, but was fired back upon by those in attendance. Consider the bizarreness of people feeling compelled to bring guns to a funeral.

Chicago Mayor Lightfoot doesn’t trust Trump’s motives for offering to help. Along with Gov. “Commodes” Pritzker and Attorney General Rauol, she had a pow-wow (is that word racist?) just in case that crafty Trump tries something she doesn’t like. She’s gonna sue! Through that stare, she seems clueless that Trump is just giving her enough slack to be voted out of office next time around for being the incompetent boob she’s turned out to be.

When press secretary Kayleigh McEnany mentioned Lightfoot might be derelict in protecting the Chicago people, as nearly 2,000 mostly black people have been shot this year, Lightfoot’s response was a cross, “Hey, Karen, watch your mouth.” Had I been McEnany, I would have responded to Lightfoot by asking, “or what, Beetlejuice?” (For those not up on the new lingo, a “Karen” is an entitled white woman.)

This is all happening against the backdrop of a media reminding us every minute of the day how many people died from the China bug. If the numbers can be believed (and I don’t) the death number is about 147,000, mostly elderly folks this year. For comparison purposes, that is half the number of cancer deaths. It is also less than the number of abortions … in just California this year.

You have a 99 percent rate of living through China’s bug, and yet, the nation is terrified because the media won’t let the hysteria subside to allow society and the economy to heal. You want to calm your fears, turn off your news sources.

To heighten the hysteria, there’s that matter of certain retailers, like Kroger, going to a cashless gimmick, insisting only on credit or debit cards. If you use cash, Kroger won’t give you your change, they round up to the next nearest dollar. You can then use your own money as a balance the next time you go in, or donate it to a charity of ... their choice.

This stunt is supposedly because of concerns over China’s bug too. When was the last time you sanitized your credit cards?

Retailers also are blaming this on an imaginary shortage of coins. Don’t believe it. It’s a blatant attempt to track people, a precursor to being chipped … like a dog.

Some in corporate America are using all this mayhem as cover to enact their various political correctness schemes, too, such as the example I used last week of Washington Redskins’ merchandise being pulled unless their name has been changed.

Because of their political liberal involvement, there have been several corporations our company has decided to cease doing business.

I hope other companies make similar determinations. (In full disclosure, Target should have been on the list too, but I’m afraid to tell my wife.)

About those masks, I’ll take three days for $20 for the over/under on the number of days when teachers give up trying to make school children wear masks all day.

Alan Webber is a local businessman, author and blogger. He can be reached at

or directly at

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