Over the July 4th holiday, while people were protesting, rioting and killing one another in our largest cities, some degenerate protested the killing of George Floyd by ripping a statue of Frederick Douglass off its base.

This happened at Maplewood Park in Rochester, N.Y., where Douglass had given a celebrated speech 168 years — to the day — earlier. The statue was found 50 yards away leaning against a fence, rather than atop the degenerate, as karma might have dictated.

What a way to honor Floyd — by tearing down a statue of Douglass. For those of you young enough to have been denied a proper education in American history in our “modern” schools and over-priced liberal universities, Douglass was hugely significant in the battle against slavery.

Douglass escaped slavery to became a leader for the abolitionist movement in Massachusetts and New York. Well known nationally for passionate oratory and written skills, Douglass railed against the iniquities of human bondage. He enlisted black soldiers into the Union Army, including two sons, and met personally with Abraham Lincoln to appeal for equal pay and better treatment for enlisted black soldiers.

Douglass also wrote several autobiographies, including a bestseller titled, “Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, an American Slave,” in 1845. He was also the first black person to be nominated for vice president of the U.S., albeit against his wishes, to be running mate to Victoria Woodhull on the Equal Rights Party ticket.

The group that ripped up that statue either had no idea who Douglass was, or had an anarchist agenda. Given the anniversary date, one might suspect the latter.

Another group of anarchists has tried repeatedly to tear down or demand removal of a statue of Abraham Lincoln, called the Emancipation Memorial, in Washington, D.C., erected in 1876. It depicts a freed slave kneeling above the word “EMANCIPATION,” raising himself up from the ground upon a gesture by Lincoln. There is a replica statue in Boston that has been targeted as well. Incredibly, only in today’s PC culture is this statue considered racist.

For you gender studies majors, Lincoln is the author of the Emancipation Proclamation, freeing 3.5 million slaves upon his decree. He did so not as president, but as commander in chief of the Armed Forces, an important distinction, as the slavery issue was considered a state’s right at the time.

Nearly every country in the world has the stain of slavery on all races, yet the United States is the only one to enact a proclamation against it. There were 15 presidents before Lincoln … mostly great men, yet, none penned a decree to free people. None were Republican either.

The impetus for the anarchy America is experiencing is over the death of Floyd at the hands of a racist cop. The group seemingly leading the protests against Floyd’s murder is called Black Lives Matter, or BLM. (If you want to see a liberal’s head explode, counter the term BLM with “All Lives Matter.”)

People of all races are generously donating money to the BLM cause.

Unfortunately, this money is channeled through a registered charitable organization called ActBlue Charities, a political action committee that collects money for Democratic campaigns. It appears the BLM donations are, in all probability, a shell to funnel money to Democrat candidates. This claim is denied in confusing diatribes by liberal “fact-check” organizations.

Suffice to say, due to the way ActBlue reports its finances within charitable finance laws, it is nearly impossible to find out who is the actual donor of the money given to BLM. It appears much of it goes to Democratic presidential candidates.

If you believe you’re donating to the BLM movement, there’s a good chance you’re donating to Joe Biden’s campaign instead, whether that was your intention or not.

Additionally, heavily bureaucratic, machine-influenced Chicago, who hasn’t had a Republican mayor since 1931, has a serious black on black murder problem, horrifically including innocent children, and in mind-numbing numbers. Most of the nation’s largest cities have similar problems, and for all the same reasons. The common denominator to this carnage is all major cities are run by Democrats.

I mention this as it appears, to me, the Democrats may have carried out a “bait and switch” scheme on the BLM movement. What was originally an outcry of police brutality was whipped into a tempestuous frenzy by an unscrupulous media, and to a state of anarchy in an attempt to overturn our current system of democracy.

Somehow, I just don’t think that’s how average black Americans envisioned this protest happening. I’m convinced the average black American loves his/her country every bit as the average white guy, and does not want to see Socialism ushered into this country.

As I’ve explained in detail in my past two commentaries, it baffles me why, throughout history, Democrats have treated people of color with such disdain.

Alan Webber is a local businessman, author and blogger. He can be reached at editors@daily-journal.com or directly at packerbacker1957@yahoo.com.

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