Reflecting on the year 2020 is disturbing. I feel as if a colossal deception was unleashed upon us. Worse, it’s ongoing, conjuring up the tribulations of 1933 Germany. If we allow it, more is coming.

Before going further, I’m obligated to inform readers I don’t have a medical degree. And my opinions are not necessarily the same as in whatever publication you might be reading this. I do possess though a bit of insight, experience and enough historical familiarity to recognize when the “king has no clothes.”

At the time of this writing, the CDC claims 350,664 Americans have died from China’s malfeasance. Media numbers are greater … naturally. Why does the media shove COVID death numbers upon us daily? They don’t list the numbers of car crash victims or cancer deaths. Yet, we get national Wuhan flu death numbers daily. Methinks it’s to frighten the populace.

Does anybody believe 350,664 people passed away of Wuhan flu? People killed in vehicle crashes with an asymptomatic case of China’s bug were labeled a COVID death. Why?

There were large numbers of COVID-like viruses in 2009, 1968 and 1957, and yet, no lockdowns or masks. Viruses have been around at least 10,000 years. Sadly, some people die of viruses, but most don’t. Some people will die of suicide this weekend, too.

China’s debacle has been treated differently than anything in my lifetime. It weighs on our mind constantly like a heavy burden. A simple sneeze or cough sets off alarms. People wear the mandated face diapers, yet, the numbers keep rising …because the testing does, too. What happened to the common cold, flu or bronchitis?

COVID was only supposed to be a 14-day stay-at-home order to flatten the curve. Nine months later, we’re still being told to stay home. Recently, there’s warnings the bug has mutated into greater susceptibility. Viruses do that, too — there’s a new strain of the flu every year.

The media mocked President Trump for touting hydroxychloroquine, but today, it’s suitable for use against COVID … now that the election is over. Has our media told us yet of Ivermectin? Look it up. It supposedly cured COVID in other countries, yet, nothing mentioned here. Did you notice the timing of the release of the vaccines until after the election, even though it existed before the vote? Now the malfeasant political class argues on who is more important to receive the vaccine … after them of course.

Bureaucrats pounced on this virus opportunity. They have no clue what to do to actually help people, but feel the need to show they’re in charge. It’s a hodge-podge of edicts from state to state, most of which are not working. One can go to some adult clubs or casinos, but not favorite beaneries or churches.

We’re ordered to stay home, while politicians do as they please. New York Gov. Cuomo recently decided to “allow” 6,700 fans into Buffalo Bills’ stadium for their first home playoff game in decades … because he wants to go. You can’t dine in a fine restaurant in New York but now that Cuomo wants to go to a football game, “as a trial,” it’s tolerable to gather in a stadium? That’s dictatorship folks, not democracy.

Politicians used fear to upset our election process. There are millions of people who believe Joe Biden did not win the presidency. I’m aware of a person who received three unrequested ballots and sent all three back for Biden. The Swamp resorted to massive fraud, such as mail-in-voting, to remove Trump and usurp American rights. Yet, the media yawns, completely uninterested in election integrity. They’re both guilty of malfeasance.

The Swamp has been squabbling about what pittance they might give back to citizens during a time of “crises.” Yet, they’ve tacked massive amounts of pork to a relief bill that will send $600 billion overseas for ridiculous programs. At the time of this writing, only $286 billion in this package is to be distributed back to Americans. Someone please explain to me what sense does it make for our money be sent overseas for anything but Americans relief at this time?

We were constantly warned of a viral Armageddon from a diminutive dictator with a monetary agenda and a Nationals’ face diaper. All year he moved the goal posts further away. Ridicule was heaped on anyone disagreeing with the Great Fauci. The media ignored, mocked and even censored dissenters. But that wasn’t enough. Drunk with power, politicians then went after our holidays and family get-togethers, while they went to theirs. More malfeasance.

Folks, do you want to live your life under the thumb of a man who bought an Illinois governorship with inherited billions, or the loony Nancy Pelosi, with a history for political zealotry … and drunkenness. She wasn’t so concerned about the virus when she brought back COVID positive representatives to the House floor to vote her back into the speaker’s chair recently.

For the love of God, why are we putting up with this? We’re being violated of our democracy, cheated out of at least a year of our lives and our tax money squandered by elected officials on an unprecedented scale.

With the new year, perhaps it’s time to consider taking back our lives. Politicians do not know — nor care — what’s best for us. They live like royalty on our dime. The media has an agenda half of us don’t agree with. They all continue to get paid. Lockdowns are destroying the economy.

We, baby boomers, have done a great disservice to the Greatest Generation before us. Had they possessed the timidity we have shown, we’d all be speaking German.

Do we really want to continue to live this way?

Alan Webber is a local businessman, author

and blogger. He can be reached at editors@ or directly at