KHS Illinois State Scholars

The Board of Education is pleased to award a Certificate of Excellence to 14 Kankakee High School seniors who were recently designated Illinois State Scholars by the Illinois State Scholarship Commission.

They are: Adrian Alexander, son of Nathaniel and Arnita Boyd; Alejandra Ayala, daughter of Luis and Guadalupe Ayala; Jacob Barham, son of Patrick and Elizabeth Barham; Matthew Depoister, son of Howard and Cynthia Depoister; Aleisha Farrell, daughter of Vickie Farrell and Roy Jones; Amanda Hines, daughter of Susan White; Zachary Kirkton, son of Jeff and Cassondra Kirkton; Rebecca Lowery, daughter of Kevin and Amy Lowery; Tricia Marcotte, daughter of Steven and Gail Marcotte; Shalynn McCarty, daughter of Leo and Kimberly McCarty; Jessica Panozzo, daughter of Laurie Eveland; Heather Rowland, daughter of Henrietta Fanok; Chelsea Schultz, daughter of John and Debra Schultz; and Jordan Thompson, son of John and Rhonda Thompson.

St. Paul's Lutheran School honor roll

St. Paul's Lutheran School recently announced its second quarter Honor Roll.


Jacob Anthony, Katie Bell, Nathan Franklin, Daniel Hoekstra, Tim Keown, Hannah McKnight, Carrie Palmer, Brian Steele Jr., Jake Story, Amber Binder, Claire Hess, Kayla Ronchetto, Jenna Carruthers, Jared Marcotte, Olivia Settle, Kendra Witheft, Matt Haeger, Michael Hoekstra, Ashley Oosterhouse, Kyle Ronchetto, Christopher Boehrnsen, Jennifer Ostrowski, Meredith Rennewanz, Kayla Smith, Courtney Taylor, Rachel Barber, Ryan Carruthers, Seth Kiefer, Aimee Sims, and Amanda Studenka.


Savanna Harper, Will Hendrickson, Kacie LaLumendier, Brittany Wonders, Chloe Ayres, Cody Brownfield, Leigha-Janae Armstrong, Sarah Ford, Alex Franklin, Kayla Love, Kriston Love, David Palmer, Christopher Webber, Tyler Boehrnsen, Noah Hubly, Mitchell O'Brien, Payal Patel, Samantha Brown, Elizabeth Ostrowski, Nicole Barnett, Jill Hess, Hill "Trey" Love III, and Amy Stephens.


Amber Johnson, Alex Smith, Jordan King, Ryan Nichols, Rene Homberg, Puja Patel, Tyler Smith, Hayley Hansen, Victoria Adams, Kurt Homberg, Daniel Laurent, and Holly Yeoman.

Crescent-Iroquois High School honor roll

Crescent-Iroquois High School recently announced its first semester Honor Roll.


Clayton Carley, Brandon Doehring, Kyle Popham, Lexie Schuldt, Bryan Yergler; Ross Munsterman, Katie Roselius; Delaney Bettermann, Shelby Clubb, Kyle Kosik, Ryan Munsterman, Mallory Redeker, Toby Wall; Ellyn Barlow, Jennifer Belott, Patrick Doggett, Andy Leppard, Patrick Pommier, Landon Reutter, Joe Scheuers, Jeremy Wichtner, Kayla Wright, and Jill Yergler.


Clinton Belott, Kayla McConnell, Kelsey McConnell, Harrison Seggebruch, Derek Wengert; Jared Roberts, Jamie Soyk; Kashia Byrd, Wally Martin, Aaron Peters, Andy Rippy; and Billy Featherstone.


HomeStar Bank scholarships

The application deadline for the HomeStar Education Foundation Scholarship is Feb. 9. This year, HomeStar Bank is awarding a number of college scholarships to graduating high school seniors.

Each scholarship is worth $8,000 per student. Applications may be delivered in person to any HomeStar Bank location, or mailed to: HomeStar Bank, Marketing Department, 435 E. North St., Bradley, IL 60915. Mailed applications must be postmarked by the deadline and received by Feb. 16.

Applications are available online at www.HomeStarBank.com., at local high school guidance counselors' offices, and at the following HomeStar Bank locations: 435 E. N. St., Bradley; 576 Latham Dr., Bourbonnais; 187 S. Schuyler Ave., Kankakee; 303 Section Line Rd., Manteno; 19614 S. LaGrange Rd., Mokena; and 25640 S. Gougar Rd., Manhattan.


Life with an unruly roommate

I just had a chance to read "Marley and Me" by John Grogan (Harpercollins, $21.95), and I loved it. This novel describes John and Jenny, a newlywed couple who can barely keep a potted plant alive. They decide to get a puppy so that they can "practice" caring for another life in case they want to have a child someday. They did not anticipate what they got in Marley -- a big, goofy, untrainable yellow Lab. This dog isn't untrainable in the sense that my dogs are untrainable. My dogs at least know how to stay out of the kitchen, even though that is the only thing they know. Marley is out of control from the beginning, eating anything he can fit in his mouth. This includes paychecks, food left unattended, a gold necklace. Marley flunks out of obedience school -- on the second day. Despite Marley's downfalls, John and Jenny love him, and he becomes a member of the family for the rest of his life. John and Jenny learn a lot of life lessons from Marley and soon discover that he is not just a dog. He is their best buddy, too. I laughed out loud at many of Marley's antics and drove everyone crazy by reading them all aloud. Anyone who loves dogs should definitely read this book.

~ McClatchy News Service

Comic fans will love new release

Marvel has released "Amazing Marvel Universe," a book that mixes the digital audio of Stan Lee talking with excerpts from 50 comic books, compiled and explained by Roy Thomas. Attached to the side of the book is an audio box with 68 numbered voice-overs.

Stan Lee is the creator of Spider-Man, the Fantastic Four, X-Men, the Hulk and many more characters in the Marvel empire. He worked his way up from being basically an errand boy to being the editor. Last seen in a cameo in "Spider-Man 2," Lee has stunned faithful comic readers for near half a century. His commentary on the book is the best part. At first the setup and barrage of pictures on the page is daunting, but that is coming from someone who doesn't live on reading comic books. After listening to the voice, it was fun to know about the evolution of comics and their creators. But the flow of pictures can still be hard to follow. The panels from old issues drew my attention especially. Graphics today are so different. The technology in producing the color has vastly improved.

Ultimately, "Amazing Marvel Universe" is informative. I mean, who knew that Stan Lee's real name is Lieber? Or that he began his career writing a short Captain America story that revolutionized the character? At about $50, it isn't cheap, but it is a fascinating addition to any comic book fan's collection.

~ McClatchy News Service


Low energy but moving

The Cape May's principal songwriter, Clinton St. John, grew up in a rural Alberta, Canada, town of some 300 people. He then moved to Newfoundland. On this alone you might suspect the man's got a penchant for isolation. After you listen to "Glass Mountain Roads," the Cape May's follow-up to their 2004 debut, that suspicion will be confirmed. Ghostly, haunting melodies and drifting layers of sounds underscored by St. John's shy, quavering vocals fuse on this album with excellent results. The sound is detached, lost, perhaps even dreary at times, but always hauntingly captivating. Comparable to Modest Mouse at its most mellow, this is a plodding, tumbling album that rolls from one lackadaisical song into another. Low energy but certainly moving, the Cape May can be heard at www.myspace.com/thecapemay.

~ Scripps Howard News Service


'Ice Age' great for all ages

What happens when you place Denis Leary, Ray Romano and Jay Leno in a sound studio? Answer: one of the most entertaining cartoon movies of our time. The main characters of Manny, Sid and Diego are facing both the good and bad aspects of the end of the Ice Age and trying to adjust accordingly to this unprecedented event. Even funnier than the original, "Ice Age 2: The Meltdown" is guaranteed to satisfy every member of the household from the youngster right up to granny and gramps. The animation is spectacular and the writing and voices are sure to crack up almost anyone who watches it. Never being a huge fan of cartoon movies, I was admittedly shocked after seeing this one. This DVD is certainly a breakthrough in the world of animated comedy; so if you are looking for a lighthearted flick that is fun for the whole family, look no further than "Ice Age 2."

~ Scripps Howard News Service

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