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KANKAKEE — A 21-year-old Kankakee man wanted on a 3-count murder warrant was arrested by the Kankakee Police Department Monday. 

Darryl Jordan, of the 1000 block of East Bourbonnais Street, was arrested after being spotted in the area of a shooting in which three people were wounded in the 400 block of South Rosewood Avenue in Kankakee, according to Kankakee police.

The injuries to the three shooting victims have been described by police as non-life-threatening.

Jordan's warrant had resulted from a Sept. 18 double-homicide at the Bluebird Liquor Store just outside of Danville.

After responding to the shots-fired call, Kankakee police said officers reported seeing Jordan walking near the crime scene as they were conducting their investigation of the triple-victim shooting.

Vermilion County Sheriff's Police had previously notified the department that they were looking for Jordan and that he may have returned to Kankakee, local police said.

Jordan was immediately placed into custody and handcuffed without incident, according to police. The officer with Jordan did not notice that Jordan had a birth defect on one of his hands, police said. The police officer then transported Jordan to the Jerome Combs Detention Center.

Police said that on the trip to the detention center, Jordan was able to pull his hand out of the handcuff.

When the officer pulled up to the detention center, he rolled down the rear window to complete a temperature check due to COVID-19 protocol, police said. 

Once the window was lowered, Jordan placed his hands through the bars of the window, opened the rear door with his free hand and fled, according to police.

The officer chased him and when they entered a nearby field, Jordan was tazed and fell to the ground, police said. 

He was then arrested on a felony charge of escaping from a police officer, according to Kankakee police.

Jordan is now in the custody of the Vermilion County Sheriff's Police, according to the Kankakee County Sheriff's Department. 

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