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1. "Steady" Ed Headrick is considered the Father of Disc Golf. Of his dozens of patented inventions, two of them hold infinite importance to the sport. The first was the Frisbee in 1966 as an employee at Wham-O. The second was the basis of all disc golf targets today, the Disc Golf Pole Hole in 1975.

2. In 1965, George Sappenfield was a recreation counselor during summer break from college. While playing golf one afternoon, he realized that the kids on his playground could play the golf game with Frisbee discs. He remembered his idea when, in 1968, he finished college and became the Parks and Recreation Supervisor for Thousand Oaks, Calif.

3. The next year, Sappenfield talked Headrick of Wham-O into including a Frisbee golf event in the All Comers Frisbee Meet that Ed and Wham-O were planning to hold at Pasadena's Rose Bowl as a promotional event.

4. Despite having never heard of the International Frisbee Association that Headrick and Wham-O had put together, or ever seeing a copy of the IFA Newsletter, Jim Palmeri, his brother, and a small group of people from Rochester, NY, had been playing disc golf as a competitive sport on a regular basis since August 1970, including tournaments and weekly league play.

5. Soon after inventing his basket and starting his company, Headrick founded the Professional Disc Golf Association. He modeled his PDGA after the International Frisbee Association that he created at Wham-O a decade earlier. In the summer of 1976, he sent out a letter to about 100 of the top players in the country, inviting them to join the PDGA.

Source: Professional Disc Golf Association

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