Illinois Route 17

A westbound sport utility vehicle on Illinois Route passes 19000W Road Monday afternoon. This was the site of a fatal two-vehicle accident Sunday night that claimed the life of Kameron Allison.

A week ago, Kameron Allison was wrapping up his season on the Herscher High School freshmen baseball team.

His coach, Dan Mullin, remembers the third basemen and outfielder as "always wanting to be the best at what he did."

"When he wasn't, he was hard on himself," Mullin said Monday hours after the 15-year-old was killed and his 16-year-old brother, Kyuss, seriously hurt in a two-vehicle accident in western Kankakee County Sunday night.

"He wanted to be noticed on the field and was one of the loudest kids on the team," Mullin said. "He was an all-around great kid, a one-of-a-kind kid with a great attitude. I'm at a loss for words."

Kyuss, a sophomore at Herscher, was driving them home to Reddick where they live with their mother. They had been visiting their dad in Bourbonnais.

They were driving west on Illinois Route 17 when, police say, Carmella S. Larson, of St. Anne, blew a stop sign headed south on North 19000W Road and crashed into the side of the Allison vehicle.

It was around 9:49 p.m.

Kameron was pronounced dead at the scene. Coroner Bob Gessner said he is waiting on toxicology reports before releasing a cause of death. Kameron had to be cut from the vehicle.

Kyuss was airlifted to Christ Advocate Hospital in Oak Lawn. State police said this morning he was in stable condition. The hospital does not release patient information on those younger than 18.

Illinois State Police have charged Larson with driving under the influence of alcohol and failure to yield. Further charges are pending. Her first court appearance is June 27.

Larson and a passenger, Nathan Lockhart, 32, of St. Anne, were taken to local hospitals. They also were wearing seatbelts.


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Another drunk driver when is it going to stop, I hope they make an example out of her


There really needs to be something done with the laws pertaining to drunk driving. More people die from drunk driving every year. Sad thing is, it's usually an innocent person who is the victim. This woman was drunk and trying to drive home to St. Anne? Where was this woman coming from? Her actions have taken a young boys life and seriously injure another. Don't drink and drive signs , commercials , & adds are everywhere. We know the limit in Illinois, yet it continues to be an issue. People don't care till it's too late and a life is loss!! I would be more worried about Alcohol in this country then anything. If they want to keep alcohol around there has to be something done to keep drunk drivers off the street. Every bar in every town should have a breathalyzer and everyone leaving should have to do it. If drunk and they do not pass it, they are unable to drive,hand over keys or be arrested. Then either call for a ride or start a van, shuttle bus service for drunk drivers. I mean really, common sense here people. If you want to own a bar, and serve alcohol then they need to provide these services. If a friend is with them , make sure they drive them home if they are not drinking. It's either do this or out law alcohol.. I drive by bars all the time and some are just packed . Also people whom are driving on the road , and you see someone swerving or going to slow and seems suspicious, follow your gut, get the plate number and call the police immediately. You could be saving a life.. Better to be safe than sorry. I followed a drunk once in Indiana, two guys swerving in and out of traffic on the interstate. Hit the side rail , they went off into the ditch, back up on to the road. It was crazy. I called the police and followed them till police got them. Two guys were lost , two hours away from home , drunk and had no clue where they were. Needless to say , they were arrested.. It is a senseless act, that ruins lives. It won't stop till the laws change and they do something about it.

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