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After working for Kankakee County for more than 31 years, Delbert Skimerhorn will soon become the county’s director of planning and GIS.

County administrator Anita Speckman announced at Monday’s County Board Executive Committee meeting at the county administration building that Skimerhorn will be promoted from manager of planning and GIS to director.

“Del has been with the county since Aug. 16, 1990, where he started as a draftsman in our planning department for about $14,000,” Speckman said. “He’s had a very long career with the county. He was GIS coordinator, then he went to planning and GIS specialist. He became the manager of that group in December 2015.”

Speckman said there had been discussions with Skimerhorn for some time about promoting him to director.

“I will say that I think Del has just excelled this year in the leadership training,” she said. “Del was the one spot on, Del was the one that was in my office several times throughout that 12-week leadership class, talking about how he was implementing what he learned in that class in the department. So just really pleased with with Del, and we felt this was the appropriate time to make that promotion.”

County Board Chairman Andy Wheeler said Skimerhorn has been engaged in the process of leadership and has taken action to show improvement within his department.

“We have to be at our best all the time, and that’s an ongoing thing,” he said. “... But to get to this point in management, we need a director there and Del stepped up to assume that role.”

Skimerhorn will also receive an increase in compensation with the promotion. According to the county’s website, the planning manager had a salary of $88,184 in 2019, the most recent numbers that were available.

Speckman said Skimerhorn would get a raise but she didn’t immediately know what the amount was.

“He did receive an increase appropriate with the position,” she said.

Other directors in the county range from $119,547 for the information services MIS director to $124,259 for the finance director, according to the county’s website.

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