“This particular mural will bring a sense of excitement to Kankakee.”

Those are the words from Chicago-based artist Mark McKenzie, or better known as Mac Blackout, on his newest mural that’s being painted in downtown Kankakee.

This past spring, McKenzie pledged a goal of $2,500 through a Kickstarter campaign to paint a new mural for the downtown Kankakee area.

That goal was reached, and he’s now painting the new mural on the south-facing side of the Terminal Ward (a functional studio space for the “terminally art damaged”) at 183 N. Schuyler Ave.

At 1,800 square feet created primarily with spray enamel, this is the largest mural McKenzie has created to date.

“The characters in the mural are what I call ‘Geometric Giants.’ Human characteristics are merged with the geometric forms of our dwellings and technological design, creating a cosmic and caricature-like portrayal of human existence,” said McKenzie.

“The mural isn’t symbolic or meant to depict any concrete, preconceived idea or image. It’s dreamlike and meant to enjoy in much the same way you would look at clouds, relating to, finding yourself and possibly realizing new dreams and inspiration while enjoying the creation.”

This new work of art will add to a number of murals created to bring the downtown area of Kankakee to life.

“The work that I’m creating now is contemporary fine art for today and the future,” McKenzie said. “It’s art that speaks to the soul, senses and an inexplicable, positive, universal consciousness simultaneously. I want this mural to be something that gives kids hope. These ‘Geometric Giants’ are heroes of abstract thought and philanthropists of positive spirit.”

The painting of the mural will coincide with a pop-up show that Mac will be having at Feed Arts & Cultural Center during the Merchant Street MusicFest after-party from 7 p.m. to 2 a.m. Friday.

Mac’s drawings, risograph prints and paintings will be available for purchase at the pop-up.