Jeffery Quick, 48, was arrested April 12 for allegedly shooting a high-powered rifle at his family member's home after a dispute regarding damaged property.

Kankakee County prosecutors say Quick fired an AR15 toward the home of the family member. The gunfire started after Quick went over to the family member's home to argue about a damaged field. The two are neighbors in Kankakee.

Police found the rifle and several spent shells as well as three other firearms including a shotgun.

According to prosecutors, Quick denied shooting at his family member's home. No one was injured. Bond was set at $75,000.

Meanwhile, a Chicago man was charged with misdemeanor theft after he was arrested Saturday for allegedly passing off fake $100 bills at two Kankakee bars.

David Cummings, 30, was spotted at Westside Tavern and Smitty's Bar passing off the counterfeit bills and walking off with the change.

Prosecutors allege Cummings was caught after buying drinks at Smitty's and taking off with $81. After arresting him, police say they found an additional $800 in fake bills. Cummings, who has an extensive criminal history out of Cook County, including convictions for armed robbery and attempted murder, was ordered held on $7,500.

"I wouldn't be going to the taverns in Kankakee if I were you," the judge quipped after Cummings said he could come up with the $750 for bail. "They probably know you."