Kankakee schools join vaccine push

Kankakee School District superintendent Genevra Walters laughs after realizing how quickly the injection was completed Thursday morning as she kicked off 410 vaccinations of Kankakee teachers and staff at Kankakee Junior High School. The event is part of the Kankakee County Health Department’s scheduling of PODs (points of dispensing) for all schools and colleges within Kankakee County as Phase 1B of vaccine distribution has begun. Walters said while she did struggle with the decision initially, the influence of friends and family members in the medical field and others that signed up helped her decide to go ahead - a trend Walters hopes will echo through the district.

“Being in this pandemic is a risk. Just going to work is a risk. Going to the grocery store is a risk. I felt like taking the vaccine is a risk that I can control,” she said. “I think it’s important for people to know that, in this crisis, this is a chance to be able to come out of it by making this choice. It’s a chance to mitigate your risk of not being able to control what happens if you contract the virus. I think it's important to think about it that way.” READ MORE