Kankakee Kultivators 2021

Newly installed secretary (from left) Cathy Schultz, vice president, and programs chair Linda Ravens and president Ann Harms lead the Kankakee Kulivators in their February general meeting at the Kankakee Public Library.

KANKAKEE — The Kankakee Kultivators have found a temporary new “home” — the Kankakee Public Library. On Feb. 11, the organization celebrated its first general meeting in many months, since last year before the scheduled 2020 Garden Walk.

That event was canceled due to COVID, however the Kultivators are already planning this year’s event, and the Annual Garden Tour and Faire is scheduled for June 24.

As featured speaker, Kankakee Public Library’s adult services supervisor Vicki Forquer welcomed the Kultivators to their first meeting in the library’s meeting room on the fourth floor. In the past, the room has ordinarily held around 200 people. Now the spaciousness allowed for the mask-wearing Kultivators to socially distance.

Forquer expressed appreciation to those present for the special section of gardening books which the club had donated to the library years ago. She also mentioned the club’s new commitment to enlarge and enhance that section.

For almost a year, Kultivators were unable to hold general meetings — both because the Kankakee County Historical Museum, their traditional “home” of many years, had been closed by the pandemic and because the club’s membership numbers had exceeded group sizes allowed by public health rules.