"French Canadian Heritage Corridor" signs on Interstate 57 will soon become a reality, Jim Paul of the Kankakee County Historic Preservation Commission announced Friday.

The signs will be the result of an Illinois House resolution sponsored by Rep. Kate Cloonen, D-Kankakee, and passed 116-0 on Wednesday.

The commission launched the proposal in 2013 as a way of making I-57 motorists aware of the historic importance of French and French-Canadian explorers and settlers to the Kankakee and Iroquois counties region.

At the time, Paul, a retired Kankakee Community College history and philosophy teacher, suggested a sign for southbound traffic in the Bourbonnais area and one for northbound motorists at Ashkum, "so that L'Erable would be included."

"We would be hoping people that travel will become aware of this area's history and then maybe do some searching on the Internet about what is here," he said. "There are so many things that are online ... the French Heritage Museum (in downtown Kankakee) and the French-Canadian Heritage Wall at Kankakee Community College."