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BRADLEY — In what Bradley police believe was an act of retaliation by a rival gang, at least seven shots were fired late Friday in the Northfield Square mall parking lot area facing Illinois Route 50.

There were no injuries as a result, noted Bradley Police Chief Don Barber. The incident is under investigation, and Barber noted his investigators have identified a “person of interest.”

No arrests have been made.

Seven shell casings were recovered, the chief said. He said the shots appeared to have come from some type of handgun.

He noted two parked cars were damaged, and one bullet went through a window near the mall’s main entrance.

Police responded at about 7:30 p.m. Friday to the report of shots fired at the location, and the mall was cleared shortly thereafter. Barber said police concluded the evidence-gathering process at about 9 p.m.

“It looks like this was some type of retaliation against someone,” Barber said. “Our officers are diligently working this incident.”

The chief also wanted the public to understand this was a random incident, meaning it had nothing to do with the location.

In a statement put out by village police it was noted: “The Bradley Police Department would like to advise everyone that the ‘shots fired’ call at the Northfield Square Mall appears to be an isolated incident with no further public safety concerns.”

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