The City of Kankakee vehicle stickers for 2021-22 must be displayed by July 1.

KANKAKEE — The City of Kankakee announced Friday that vehicle stickers will be available for purchase beginning Monday at the City Administration Building, 304 S. Indiana Ave., in Kankakee.

Stickers can be purchased from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday. Stickers must be displayed by July 1.

All passenger vehicle stickers are $35 each. Motorcycles and motor driven cycles are $20. For trucks and buses, all classes (8,001 pounds or greater) are $45.

There will be no charge for the following categories:

• Active military service personnel

• Disabled veteran license plate holders

• Disability license plate holders — those with “W” plates only

Official proof is required to receive the above status. Not exempt are state-issued disability placards or hangers of any color.