Bruce Greenlee

Trustee Bruce Greenlee takes the oath of office from Clerk Brian Simeur at Monday’s board meeting. Greenlee’s wife, Pam, held the bible. Bruce Greenlee has served as a trustee since 2001. The 1872 Bible is part of the Bourbonnais Grove Historical Society’s collection.

BOURBONNAIS — The Village of Bourbonnais Board of Trustees approved a general fund budget of $13.6 million for fiscal year 2022 at Monday’s regular meeting.

It is an increase of $1.3 million from the previous year’s budget. The resolution passed by a 5-0 vote. Trustee Randy King was unable to attend the meeting due to a family event.

“This year’s budget takes into consideration the current economic conditions,” Finance Director Tara Lutz said.

Of the village’s $13.6 million budget, the police department accounts for $5.5 million, including $2.6 million in salaries for the 27-person department. With 17 employees, the Public Works Department accounts for $1.9 million.

Of the tax revenue the village receives, $3.5 million comes from state sales tax, $1.8 million from state income tax and $1.8 million from local property taxes.

The proposed $1.8 million of state income tax revenue the village has budgeted could decrease by 10 percent, according to information provided to the village by the Illinois Municipal League.

Gov. JB Prtizker’s administration is talking about the decrease as a means to curb the state’s budget problems. State officials also announced last fiscal year that a reduction was a possibility.

The village sets a spending limit every year since it is an appropriation village. However, the spending limit serves as somewhat of an overall budget. The fiscal year runs from May 1, 2021, to April 30, 2022.

History lesson

Monday’s meeting marked the first time since March 2020 the board met in person. COVID-19 restrictions had forced the village to hold meetings virtually.

The meeting was held in the Municipal Center’s community room due to the swearing in of officials elected in the April municipal election. It allowed family and friends to watch in person while following mask and social-distancing guidelines.

Mayor Paul Schore, Clerk Brian Simeur and trustees Bruce Greenlee, Rick Fischer and Angie Serafini all took their oaths of office. The Bible used was courtesy the Bourbonnais Grove Historical Society.

Schore said the Catholic Bible dated to 1872, three years before the village was formed.

“The Bible represents our past,” Schore said. “The present is represented by the current board, and the future is represented by the children and grandchildren of those sworn in who said the Pledge of Allegiance tonight. What we are doing right now is preparing them for the future of the village.”

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