Because it’s been proven the Mueller probe was nothing more than a Clinton-financed witch hunt, and Rep. Jerry Nadler is a moron, the Democrats needed to find something else to lynch Trump.

They finally came to grips that they can’t impeach him over Russia or just because Trump hurt their feelings. Therefore, they have retreated to an old tactic — using their race card.

Ever been to Baltimore? I have on business a few times. I would feel safer driving through the south side of Chicago during a hot summer evening, blaring Lynyrd Skynyrd music with the windows down.

Trump was irrefutably correct: Baltimore does have a rat problem, and it is a corrupt city. Anyone who believes otherwise probably thinks Chicago is not corrupt either. The past three Baltimore mayors, all Democratic women, resigned amid scandals. Nancy Pelosi’s father, Thomas D’Alesandro Jr., was a mayor there, thought to have been mob connected. The last Republican mayor was in 1967.

Trump stated the Baltimore people were living in hell, which, for some, is a sad fact. Baltimore is ranked America’s third most dangerous city by USA Today, behind only Detroit and St. Louis. (As a side note, a search of mayors of each of the 25 most dangerous cities confirms they are all run by Democrats, except San Bernardino, Calif.).

Feel free to let us know what Trump said was incorrect.

The fact Trump is an equal opportunity master of the battle of insults doesn’t seem to register with the media. If one hits Trump, they should expect him to retaliate, regardless of race, religion or ethnicity. He has battled with so many people the New York Times is keeping a list. Among others Trump squabbled with include Joe Biden, Pelosi, James Comey, Chuck Schumer (often), Alec Baldwin ... Well, you get the point. And the media was more than happy to spin a blow-by-blow description of those fights. Did you notice those combatants mentioned above are all pigment-challenged?

But, because the current Baltimore mayor, Bernard Young, is black, Maryland U.S. Rep. Elijah Cummings is black, as is 65 percent of the residents, Trump’s remarks required automatic knee-jerk shrieks from politicians and the media alike.

“Trump’s a racist!” Then, tax-cheat and noted race hustler Al Sharpton was invited into the scuffle, and bam — the fight was on. The media went orgasmic. Sharpton still didn’t pay his back taxes.

When the Spurned-Socialist-Squad made headlines, some in the media and a few Democrats started to pull the race card they hold in their holsters. A couple weeks afterward, Trump is into a scrum with the city of Baltimore. Race cards were whipped out faster than my wife on a Target bender.

Understand, it’s entertaining to the media for Trump and Schumer to volley insults, but hey now, Cummings, he’s off-limits. By God, he’s a U.S. representative — he said so angrily during a session when a lowly citizen wasn’t giving him the respect he thought he should be getting. Plus, he happens to be black — you just can’t say nasty things about him, railed the Democrats and the media.

It doesn’t matter he’s been a rep for 23 years while the city of Baltimore has fallen into a rat-infested, crime-ridden abyss. And let’s not bring up the $16 billion Cummings has appropriated for Baltimore this year.

But, have you heard about the Maryland Attorney General’s office looking into Cummings and his wife, Maya Rockeymoore, Maryland Democratic party boss, for possibly skimming from a charity she runs? Bet not. Since they got married in 2008, Rep. Cummings’ finances improved tremendously, despite having heavy child support payments for a child with a previous wife, plus a couple other children with women Cummings didn’t marry. He doesn’t seem to be any paragon of virtue to me, despite what his Congressional peers would lead you to believe.

Folks, I’m not so insensitive to think racism doesn’t exist. It has caused innumerable suffering and lack of opportunity to a number of people all over the world for far too long. But, if we continue to allow politicians and the media to use the race card misleadingly for a weapon to beat on opponents or allow them to foster the idea all nonwhite people are victims, then nothing ever will get settled in this country. Similar to a Trojan Horse that Obama left us, the overuse of the race card is dividing us. Trump is not a racist — he never was considered racist until he was elected president.

The word is holding less weight daily regardless of how often CNN or the NY Times repeat it. That’s sad for real victims.

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