Kankakee County line

Kankakee County Clerk Dan Hendrickson’s staff does a lot more than just election work.

“We talk a lot about elections in this office, but we do a lot more things,” he said.

The office keeps a lot of pertinent records for the county. And as each year closes, the office likes to release a compilation of vital statistics for the year because it “showcases our other records we keep,” Hendrickson said.

But it’s also just interesting to look back at the data.

“It’s a statistical thing that people like to read,” Hendrickson said of the numbers they’ve released for several years.

And this year is no different. Here is the office’s compilation of vital statistics for 2020, as of Jan. 6, 2021.


The number of births registered in Kankakee County for 2020. This is 207 fewer than were registered in 2019.


Liam was the most popular name for boys born in Kankakee County in 2020, with 12 being giving the name throughout the year. It was the second year Liam was the top name for boys in Kankakee County. The name Noah came in second, with seven. Nationwide, Liam ranked second while Oliver took top honors.


The most popular name for girls. Eight children born in 2020 were given the name, with the Harper coming in at second with seven. Incidentally, Amelia (or also Emelia) was popular nationwide as well. The name was the No. 1 selected for girls in 2020 in the U.S. The name with Latin roots and meaning “work” and is ranked seventh by Social Security. The name has secured a top ten ranking in popularity for more than a decade, according to babynames.com.


That’s the number of children born in May and the most of any month in 2020.


The Kankakee County Clerk’s Office issued 531 marriage licenses in the county in 2020. It’s three fewer than were issued in 2019.

79, 75

In 2020, Kankakee County proved it’s never too late for love. The county’s oldest groom was 79 years old and the oldest bride was 75. On the flip side, the youngest groom was 18, as was the youngest bride.


And here you thought the 10th month of the year was about all things spooky. Turns out if the month for love, as the most couples were married in October. The month is holding the title for the fourth year in a row.


The number of deaths in Kankakee County in 2020. This represents an increase of 185 deaths from 2019. The highest number of deaths occurred in November, when 155 people died in Kankakee County.


While this statistic doesn’t come from the county clerk’s office — it’s a number tracked instead by the Kankakee County Circuit Court Clerk office — it’s still worth noting. There were 237 divorces granted in 2020, 86 fewer than 2019. In 2019, there were 424 filed, and 370 filed in 2020.


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