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MOMENCE — Kankakee County Animal Control recently recovered 25 cats and two dogs from a house in Momence.

Momence Police were called Oct. 4 to a house at 25 N. Hill St. in Momence on a report of abandoned animals. Police Chief Brian Brucato said the pets belonged to renters who were no longer living in the house.

“We called animal control,” Brucato said.

Kari Laird, administrative director of Kankakee County Animal Control, said her department was able to take the animals from the residence within a couple days.

“They were surrendered to us by the owner and have been sent to rescue,” she said. “There was a caretaker who was supposed to take care of the pets, but the owner did allow animal control to take the cats and dogs.”

Laird said animal control treated the cats and dogs and conducted the initial exam.

“We dewormed them and did an initial assessment,” she said. “They were given rabies shots and additional minor treatments.”

Laird said the animals were then given to rescue facilities outside of the county.

“They were able to accept all the cats,” she said. “They find homes for them after they are spayed or neutered, and then are able to be adopted.”

Laird said the rescue facilities were in DeKalb and Chicago.

The two dogs are still with Kankakee County Animal Control, and Laird is hopeful they will also be able to be sent to a rescue shelter soon.

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