Kankakee Home Rule Results

Kankakee Mayor Chris Curtis looks over election results Nov. 8 regarding the city's home rule referendum at the Rock Inn in Kankakee along with 3rd Ward Alderman David Crawford.

KANKAKEE — Freeport Mayor Jodi Miller did everything she could think of to inform voters in the Stevenson County community when it came to the question regarding whether or not the city should retain its home rule authority.

She went to every community or civic organization she could think of in eight weeks. Town hall meetings were held. Mailers were sent out. Off-duty firefighters went on a door-to-door campaign.

And an education project was undertaken.

Lee Provost, an award-winning reporter, has been writing local news stories for The Daily Journal since 1988. He is a lifelong resident of the region. Provost can be reached at lprovost@daily-journal.com.

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