KANKAKEE — The then girlfriend of a man allegedly shot by Troy J. Davidson Jr. testified about the night of the November 2017 shooting on Wednesday.

Davidson, 34, is accused of shooting the 38-year-old victim on Nov. 1, 2017. Prosecutors said the shooting was an attempt to silence the victim before he could testify in another shooting case from earlier that year in which he also was the victim.

If found guilty, Davidson is facing a mandatory sentence of 31 years to life. The trial is expected to last the rest of the week. Testimony continues today.

Cousins Zevez Murrell and Brandon Murrell are both charged with aggravated intimidation and intimidation in the case.

The victim and his girlfriend were outside near his car when Davidson is alleged to have jumped out of another vehicle parked on the street and opened fire, striking the victim 11 times in his right leg, two or three times in his right arm and once in his genital area.

The woman testified she carried a 9mm handgun with her as she and the victim walked out to his car the night of the shooting. She has a FOID card but not a concealed carry license, which allows a person with the FOID card to carry a concealed weapon.

Zevez Murrell already was jailed on charges for shooting the victim, who he shot on May 25, 2017, in the 100 block of North Rosewood Avenue. The Nov. 1, 2017 shooting also occurred at the 100 North Rosewood site.

The victim testified earlier this week that he owed Murrell money for marijuana Murrell had “fronted” (forwarded) him.

In December 2018, Murrell was found guilty of aggravated battery by discharging a firearm and aggravated discharge of a firearm in the May 2017 shooting. His next appearance in that case, as well as the intimidation charge is May 7.

Assistant State’s Attorney Erika Hamer asked the woman how she came to possess the gun.

She said she bought the gun at a Kankakee pawn shop and got a FOID card in June after the shooting in May.

“I was protecting my family,” she said. She was in the apartment with her two children and aunt when the May 2017 shooting occurred.

It is alleged Zevez Murrell concocted the scheme, having his cousin distribute material saying the victim was going to testify against him. The fliers allegedly were distributed in the community. It had the victim’s picture, as well as said “come see him squeal” at the courthouse on Nov. 3, 2017.

The woman said she was on the passenger side of the victim’s car when shots were fired. She said she returned fire and saw the victim had been hit.

“I honestly thought he was dead,” she said. She ended up carrying the victim back into her apartment, and someone called 911.

She said she hit Davidson with a shot when he slid across the hood of the victim’s car.

“He grabbed his chest and returned to his car and took off,” the woman said of Davidson.

She testified that is when she recognized Davidson, who she knew through the victim.

During cross examination by defense attorney Cierra N. Norris, she admitted she lied to police in her first statement.

She said her second statement, which she gave to investigators on Nov. 3, 2017, was the truth.

“I was scared. I was afraid of retaliation. I had children to protect,” she said.

Norris questioned her about discrepancies in her two statements to police and her testimony on Wednesday.

“You can tell me the truth or we can go through every one of your statements,” Norris said.

In earlier testimony, a Olympia Fields police officer testified he was called to St. James Hospital (now Franciscan Health Olympia Fields) for a shooting victim, Davidson, who walked in with a gunshot wound to his torso.

The officer testified Davidson said his car broke down at Torrance Avenue and Lincoln Highway. He said he was walking and shots rang out.

Hamer and Assistant State’s Attorney Daniel Reedy are prosecuting the case. Norris and fellow Chicago attorney Bart Beals Norris represent Davidson. Judge Clark Erickson is presiding over the case.