KANKAKEE — A gruesome scene of what police say happened at the Comfort Inn in Bradley the night of Dec. 29 was painted in court Monday as prosecutors sought to keep one of the two people charged in the shootings of two Bradley police officers in jail.

During Monday’s bond hearing for Xandria Harris, Kankakee County State’s Attorney Jim Rowe told the court that footage from the body cam worn by fallen Sgt. Marlene Rittmanic shows she pleaded with Darius D. Sullivan and Harris as they stood over her with a gun.

“Sgt. Rittmanic was pleading with them to leave,” Rowe said. “‘You don’t have to do this. Please just go. Please don’t. Please don’t.’ She was desperately pleading for her life.”

Both Sullivan, 25, of Bourbonnais, and his girlfriend, Harris, 26, of Bradley, are facing murder charges in Rittmanic’s death.

They are both also facing attempted murder charges in the shooting of Officer Tyler Bailey, who remains in critical condition at a Chicago area hospital.

Both were in court on Monday — Sullivan in Wabash County in Indiana and Harris in Kankakee County.

In front of a standing-room-only crowd — made up mainly of Bradley police officers and other local agencies — during Harris’ hearing Monday, Kankakee County Circuit Judge Kathy Bradshaw Elliott granted a request to deny bail for Harris, who attended via video conferencing from the county jail.

“You are a real threat to the community,” Elliott said.


Rowe gave an account of what happened when the officers responded just after 9:40 p.m. Wednesday to a call of a barking dog in an unattended vehicle in the parking lot of the Comfort Inn.

Rittmanic’s body cam footage shows, Rowe said, Harris attempted to block officers’ entry into the hotel room and prevent them from arresting Sullivan, who was wanted on outstanding warrants for failure to appear.

During the officers’ and Harris’ struggle in the doorway, Sullivan appeared from around the corner in the hotel room holding a 9mm equipped with a drum clip, Rowe said.

As Harris continued to struggle with the officers at the door, Sullivan shot Bailey in the head, Rowe said.

“Sullivan then fires a first shot at Sgt. Rittmanic as she attempts to exit the kill zone,” he continued.

Sullivan chased her down the hotel hallway and pinned her against a door, according to court documents. At this point, his firearm jams and he seeks assistance from Harris to either disarm Rittmanic or unjam his gun, according to the reports.

“Once [Harris] and Sullivan had disarmed Sgt. Rittmanic, they stood over Sgt. Rittmanic as she lay on the floor, already having been shot once. [Harris] stood over Sgt. Rittmanic while holding Sullivan’s 9mm and/or the drum clip,” the document continued.

Sullivan then fired two shots from what is believed to be Rittmanic’s duty weapon, striking her in or about the throat and/or neck, the record states.


Rowe said during Monday’s bond hearing for Harris that he would be contacting the U.S. Attorney General’s office to review both Sullivan and Harris’ cases.

Although Illinois is not a death penalty state, the U.S. Attorney General can authorize the filing of a petition to seek the death penalty in a federal murder case under certain circumstances, Rowe said. There is recent precedent for the United States pursuing the death penalty for the killing of a law enforcement officer, he said.

“This is the darkest reminder of the danger that our law enforcement and first responders face on a daily basis, in every community across this globe, every single time they put on the uniform,” he said in a press release.

The state’s attorney office will also seek life sentences for both Sullivan and Harris as the existing state-level charges proceed.


Sullivan was arrested Friday in a home in North Manchester, Ind., and is now fighting extradition back to Kankakee County.

Rowe said he will request Indiana’s governor to sign a warrant to have Sullivan extradited to Kankakee County from Indiana, where he is currently being incarcerated.

“We are going to ask that the governor’s office expedite the review and approval of this warrant,” Rowe told the Daily Journal Monday morning.

An extradition order requires the surrender of a defendant to another governmental authority in order for the defendant to be tried in that jurisdiction. The defendant can fight the extradition.


Harris’ case will go before a Kankakee County grand jury on Jan. 22. The next court date for her is Jan. 27 when she will be arraigned.

Jeff Bonty is a reporter for The Daily Journal. He can be reached at jbonty@daily-journal.com and 815-937-3366.


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