Daily Journal staff report

KANKAKEE — Kankakee County Sheriff Mike Downey is warning residents, particularly in the rural Grant Park area, of several reports of similar scams in the area.

In one instance, the victim received an unsolicited knock on the door by a subject claiming to be an employee of ComEd wishing to discuss property lines with the homeowner in an effort to get the homeowner out of the house. While the homeowner was engaged with the subject, an accomplice burglarized the unsecured home.

According to another report, a victim was asked to pay an extremely unreasonably high price for having her driveway sealed by subjects that performed the task without being requested to do so by the homeowner.

In another reported incident, a rural Grant Park resident was called by someone claiming to be a police officer from another town requesting money for the caller’s wife, who the caller reported to be involved in an accident.

The same caller later changed the scenario by suggesting that he was holding the caller’s wife hostage until he received ransom.

“All of these incidents, which have been reported within the last several days, occurred in the rural Grant Park area where the victims claimed that the ‘scammers’ were Hispanic males,” Downey said.

“We remind area residents to always remain skeptical when approached by an unsolicited person(s) demanding money,” he said. “We always encourage residents to contact their local law enforcement if/when they suspect a potential scam and to talk with family/neighbors, particularly the elderly or otherwise vulnerable, to make them aware of the scams.”