KANKAKEE — Tuesday’s hearing to revoke the bond for the owner of a nuisance property in Kankakee lasted just 10 minutes.

The hearing in Kankakee County court was then continued until Jan. 26.

The Kankakee County State’s Attorney’s office was set to argue that the homeowner, Irene Guzman, had not complied with the ruling Judge Bill Dickenson made on Nov. 10, 2020.

On that date, Dickenson declared Guzman’s home at 456 S. Lincoln Ave. in Kankakee a nuisance property. His ruling allowed Guzman to stay in the home by posting a $5,000 bond based on state statute. It also ordered that Guzman, her husband and two minor children would be the only ones allowed on the property and in the house or garage for a year.

In December, prosecutors filed a verified application to revoke the bond, alleging they had photo and video evidence showing other people were on the property and had been in the house. Also, the filing alleged that Guzman had not posted the bond as of Dec. 10, 2020.

In Tuesday’s hearing, Kankakee attorney Eric Davis, who represents Guzman, made an oral motion to continue the case, saying he wanted time to address some deficiencies in the state’s motion.

Assistant State’s Attorney Jonathan Watson objected to the request.

“She has had plenty of time to make a motion,” Watson said. “She has done nothing toward the bond. In essence she is violating the bond.”

Dickenson said the courts needed to first determine if Guzman had paid the bond.

“We are dealing with her being in contempt for not posting the bond. That is different from violating terms of the bond,” the judge said. “I very clearly told the defendant what was expected.”

As of Tuesday, there was no entry in Kankakee County court documents of Guzman paying the bond.

“I can’t speak to if she did or didn’t at this time,” Davis said when asked why his client had not posted the bond.


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