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KANKAKEE — Two people arrested in Kankakee County last week on preliminary charges in connection with the manhunt for Darius D. Sullivan will not face formal charges in Illinois.

That’s because, according to State’s Attorney Jim Rowe, there are jurisdictional restrictions and exclusions in Illinois law that prohibit prosecution. But, Rowe said, he is asking Indiana officials to prosecute them.

Police say Sullivan’s mother, Nichele Newton-Carroll, and his brother, Jalmen Sullivan, are accused of obstruction of justice for making false statements to law enforcement, and harboring a fugitive to aid in his escape, respectively.

“While the law does not allow me to prosecute Nichele Newton-Carroll or Jalman Sullivan in an Illinois courtroom for violating Indiana law, I am asking the Indiana prosecutors who have that authority to exercise it to the fullest extent, and offering the full resources and assistance of our State’s Attorney’s Office to them in that effort,” Rowe said.

For Newton-Carroll, Kankakee County cannot pursue prosecution because she is alleged to have made false statements to law enforcement during an interview that occurred in Demotte, Indiana. That places the jurisdiction for those charges in the hands of the Newton County, Indiana, prosecutor’s office.

Rowe has requested that the Newton County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office file all applicable charges and prosecute Newton-Carroll “to the fullest extent of the law.”

For Jalmen Sullivan, he is accused by police of transporting his brother from Kankakee County to Wabash, Indiana, to aid him in escaping arrest. Under Illinois law, according to Rowe, this is normally a crime of aiding/abetting a fugitive; however, Illinois state law excludes siblings from prosecution.

“This travesty of law prohibits criminal charges against Jalmen Sullivan in Illinois, but Indiana law reads differently. Indiana law only exempts parents, children and a spouse from prosecution,” Rowe said.

Therefore, Rowe said he is requesting that the Wabash County prosecuting attorney immediately review those charges and prosecute Jalmen Sullivan “to the fullest extent of the law.”

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