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KANKAKEE — A Kankakee County sheriff’s deputy had his off-duty firearm stolen on July 5 while he was at Kankakee’s Planet Fitness.

According to a Kankakee police report, the deputy had locked a backpack in a locker while he worked out. It stated only that and a pair of Beats air buds were in the backpack.

The deputy found the locker had been broken into. The empty backpack was found in an unlocked locker.

Investigators were able to get video surveillance.

Kankakee County Sheriff’s Chief Deputy Ken McCabe said it doesn’t appear any department policy was violated.

“As we do with all such incidents, we will review our policy and procedures,” he said. “We can see if we can do things better.”

A Daily Journal reporter checked and there is no posted sign prohibiting handguns at Planet Fitness.

Qualified active and retired law enforcement officers do not need any additional concealed carry permits or licenses.

The federal Law Enforcement Officers’ Safety Act exempts them from local and state prohibitions on carrying concealed firearms.

Illinois became the last state in the nation in July 2013 after a federal court ordered in December 2012 the state to adopt a law allowing at least some individuals to carry loaded, concealed handguns in public places.

Earlier this year

The sheriff’s department investigated the theft of a Kankakee County Corrections Department officer’s handgun and duty belt from his truck parked outside his home in Kankakee on Feb. 17.

According to a Kankakee Police report, at 8:42 a.m. an officer on patrol in the 300 block of North Seventh Avenue observed a truck running with the driver side door open. There was no one inside the truck and no footprints in the snow around the truck.

The officer talked to the truck’s owner and he said the automatic start option on a key fob was used to start the truck from inside the house. He said the driver side door should not have been open.

He came outside to check and said someone went through the truck and threw all his papers out of the glove box onto the seats.

He told the officer he leaves his duty belt and handgun in the truck and both were missing.

There was no forced entry. He said he probably did not lock the truck.

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