Deceived with Greed

Manteno resident Rich Kazlausky releases new mystery novel, “Deceived with Greed.”

Manteno resident Rich Kazlausky releases new mystery novel, “Deceived with Greed.”

This is a story painting an obvious picture of deception, greed, betrayal, temptation, lies, sex and the heart of it

Charles Collier was an honest, respectful man that dedicated his life to his family and his work. For 18 years, he strives to accomplish high standard goals, and was rewarded admirably for his success. He was a very happy man, married to his loving wife, Emily, and has a son, Jack. Could his life be any better?

While at work, by accident, he stumbles across a mysterious account totaling over seven million dollars. Baffled by his discovery, does Charles confront his CEO William Fossett? But yet another mysterious event occurs within the office, the hiring of Dennis Reading, an outsider, to oversee certain activities critical to Charles’s job and his clients, causing his uncertainty to heighten.

Unexpectedly, William Fossett is found murdered at his house, instantly starting an extensive investigation. Detective Mike Konrad makes it clear to Charles that he remains their primary suspect, but the whereabouts of Mr. Reading are unknown. Detective Konrad puts out a nationwide alert for Reading, but also learns that William’s sister, Helen, had a strong motive of revenge on her brother and is penciled in on the list of possible suspects.

As the mass confusion continues, Emily encourages him to seize the money and flee the country. Little does Charles know about the dark secrets his wife has been hiding from him. After a long and futile investigation, Detective Konrad still has not captured the killer nor the whereabouts of the money. The chase was on.

Where was Charles and where is the seven million dollars? The investigation is in your lap now. Can you solve the mystery? Do you know who killed William Fossett and who became the millionaire?

The book is available for purchase on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.