Two stories, two styles, one exhibit. In a fascinating manipulation of mediums and textiles to create lines, Joanne Aono, of Chicago, holds her pencils like chopsticks, while Kate Ingold, of Los Angeles, stitches into her photograph substrates in circles.

You can see both these artists' work in the "Attention is the Beginning of Devotion" exhibit at the Victorian House Art Gallery in Bourbonnais.

The idea to combine these artists into one show came because of their use of lines and marks to tell personal stories. "There is a reliability with the line and mark making, even though they do it differently with different mediums," said Victorian Art Gallery director Sherri Denault. "Their work relates well and vibes off of each other,"

"Kate's and my work really complement each other; they have the same feel to them and I appreciate showing them together," Aono said.

In her work, Aono reveals her Japanese-American culture. Growing up as an identical twin, she felt the conflict of wanting to fit in and to differentiate herself. Her parents always encouraged her and her sister to express themselves through art, and now they have both become artists.

"I think everyone tries to assimilate as well as tries to be different. It can be a roller coaster at times trying to find out what to do and when," Aono said.

Aono views chopsticks a lot like twins, using two identical objects but manipulating them in different ways to create different outcomes. She also lives on a farm, which she says is a great inspiration. You can see it in one of her pieces, "Devotion," an outdoor installation of seed that overlays a poem on a platform. As animals and weather cause the seeds to move off the platform, the poem will be revealed.

"It is very interesting how everything is related to being a twin, because that is what [Aono] knows and that is who she is," said Jenny Schoenwetter, of Bourbonnais, who attended the artist reception on April 8.

View this free exhibit during gallery hours: 4:30 to 7:30 p.m. Monday-Thursday and 1 to 3:30 p.m. Friday.