As Walker Hayes’ “Fancy Like” continues to stay on music charts, four young girls in Limestone have taken a special liking to the popular country-pop hit.

After sisters Raelyn and Nora Maher — ages 9 and 5, respectively — and twin sisters Annistyn and Kylee Grafen — both age 6 — learned it was a favorite song of their moms’ good friend Tascia Patchett, the song became synonymous with their beloved “Ta Ta.”

“They would FaceTime or video it and they would sing it and dance for me,” said Patchett, of Buckingham.

Their love of the song inspired Patchett to do something unique for Christmas based on the following lyrics from the song: “Yeah, we fancy like Applebee’s on a date night; Got that Bourbon Street steak with the Oreo shake; Get some whipped cream on the top, too.”

Patchett gifted the four girls with gowns, purses and Applebee’s gift cards for a “Fancy Like” date night. With help from their glam squad — Kaylee Coyne and Mackenzie Murphy — the girls got ready for a night on the town before hopping on a party bus to the restaurant chain touted in the song.

The song played loudly as the group exited the bus.

Joined by their mothers, Lesley Maher and Tiffany Grafen, along with Patchett and her husband, the girls and their glam squad arrived to Applebee’s in Bradley just before the new year with the intention of enjoying some Oreo shakes.

“Who doesn’t like shakes? Everyone loves shakes!” Kylee exclaimed.

The group of friends stems from Maher and Grafen being neighbors and Patchett being a pseudo-neighbor in what they lovingly call “the Hood.”

“We spend weekends there, and spend the night there,” Patchett said. “We don’t live there, but we spend so much time there that we pretend we’re part of the Hood.

“It’s a man-made family,” she said. “We love it.”

As the girls settled into their table, they began scanning the menu for dining options. When asked what they were most looking forward to and were enjoying about the night, the girls all came to the consensus of “Applebee’s and riding on the bus!”

“She likes what I like,” Raelyn said of Kylee, to which Kylee agreed, “And I like what she likes — most of the time.”

The girls explained that they love the song because it’s “Ta Ta’s favorite song” and “because they say ‘shakes!’”

“They all heard the song and they started liking the song,” said Lesley, mom to Raelyn and Nora. “Then, they started making up a dance for it with Tascia. Every time she was with them she would dance with them to the song and it just became this huge thing.”

The song, which has a dance that’s become popular on TikTok, played over the restaurant’s speakers shortly after the party arrived and the girls’ shakes were being made. The group got up and did their dance for the table.

“I don’t think they realize how lucky they are, actually,” said Tiffany, mom to Annistyn and Kylee. “When [Tascia] came up with this idea, I, of course, jumped on it right away because they get so many toys at Christmastime and this is something that they’ll always remember.

“Tascia got so emotional when they came out,” she said. “She just loves doing this kind of stuff. It’s really special.”

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