Actor preparing lines (copy)

Kankakee Valley Theatre Association to present “The Three Faces of Shakespeare” May 22 and 23.

On Saturday May 22 and Sunday May 23, Kankakee Valley Theatre Association will be hosting The Three Faces of Shakespeare.

This fundraising event will walk audiences through three vignettes where they will hear the words of Shakespeare’s most common themes: comedy, tragedy and romance. Nestled amongst the trees outside the studios, enjoy the multiple themed sonnets and plays at each vignette.

Tickets will be on sale May 1, 8, 15 and 22 at the Kankakee Farmers’ Market. Tickets are $5 each, and only cash payments will be accepted.

Audiences will be able to sign up for a time frame between 3 and 4:30 p.m., with groups starting every 30 minutes. Groups will no larger than 15 people, and COVID requirements will be in place.

Characters Vignette 1 (Director, Bonnie Brewer)

• Anne Hathaway, Debbie Emling, Herscher

• Antony, Eddie Villagomez, Kankakee

• Cleopatra, Lai Jen Lozano, Kankakee

• Malvolio/Messenger, Jacob Schindler, Kankakee

• Olivia, Ava Nagel, Kankakee

• Viola, Abby Colbert, Bourbonnais

• Maria/Sonnet 116-98, Vicky Jones, Gilman

Characters Vignette 2 (Director, Paul Snyder)

• Shakespeare, Dave Atkinson, Bradley

• King Lear, Rob Bishir, Momence

• Goneril/Sonnet 64, Faith Keller, Bonfield

• Regan/Sonnet 131, McKenzey Testerman, Manteno

• Cordelia, Clare Steffes, Bourbonnais

• Kent, Romero Lewis, St. Anne

• King, John McGarey, Bourbonnais

• Gertrude, Loren Mixon, Bourbonnais

• Ophelia, Halle Marshall, Kankakee

Characters Vignette 3 (Director, Paul Snyder)

• Shakespeare, Joel Knapper, Bourbonnais

• Antipholis, Tyler McMahon, Bradley

• Dromio, Thomas Erhardt, Bradley

• Mistress Ford, Jennifer Jackson, Kankakee

• Mistress Page, Rachel Helton, Bourbonnais

• Sonnet Performer, Natalie Beckman, Bourbonnais