Mug Making Class

Participants work on mug-making Wednesday in a new Kankakee Valley Park District program led by ceramicist Courtney Zimmerman. The program will return Feb. 10 to the Rec Center.

From 6-9 p.m. Feb. 10 and 17, Kankakee Valley Park District is hosting a new mug-making class, taught by local ceramicist Courtney Zimmerman.

The two-night class is $130 per person and includes all supplies, teaching and your finished mug.

On night one, Zimmerman will walk participants through building a mug from clay and designing it to their liking. She then will take the creations to her studio to prepare them for the second class, which is dedicated to glazing (or painting) the mugs. She will take them again and put them in the kiln to ensure a shiny finished product.

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