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Lotions and potions. That’s what I call all that stuff in your bathroom that is taking up lots of space. The other day I overheard someone ask, “How much stuff do you have under your bathroom sink?” I had to chuckle and think of all my clients that tend to have too much stuff, especially und… ...READ MORE

Early in August, I learned something about myself. And I want all of you to learn from me. My house was in the path of the storm and we lost a huge branch on a tree and were without power for 28 hours. I know some people ended up being without power for over a week. I don’t think I was as pr… ...READ MORE

Enjoy the spicy heat hot peppers add to your meals without concern for the many myths surrounding these garden vegetables. Here are a few you may have heard but are not true. ...READ MORE

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My son had plenty of time on his hands during the pandemic. He wasn't able to work from home so he decided to work at organizing his clothes and his room. ...READ MORE

I have noticed lately on Facebook a picture of a junk drawer being shared over and over. Many of my Facebook friends and followers have been confessing to just how many junk drawers they have. Everyone chuckles about the junk drawer and everything that they stash in there. Did you realize yo… ...READ MORE

Q: I tested my soil and found it was completely deficient in phosphorus. That’s probably why my peppers didn’t do anything last year. How do I add phosphorus to it? I can’t find any phosphorus in the garden center. ...READ MORE