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Q: I tested my soil and found it was completely deficient in phosphorus. That’s probably why my peppers didn’t do anything last year. How do I add phosphorus to it? I can’t find any phosphorus in the garden center. ...READ MORE

Q: Every Easter, my church gives parishioners Easter lilies to take home after the service. I would love to grow them, but I have heard they are poisonous to cats and they get a disease and die anyway. Do you know if they would survive outdoors here? My cats are indoor cats. ...READ MORE

Q: We are starting to see fruit trees for sale at local garden centers. Isn't it too soon to plant them? I know you need at least two of each kind to get pollination with apples, but is that true for cherries, too? ...READ MORE

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Q: I saw an ad for something called a pineberry plant. It's a cross between a pineapple and a strawberry and looks like a pure white strawberry. I couldn't find any zone information, though; do you know if it is hardy here? ...READ MORE

Looking for an independent, easy way to do gardening? Try a succulent book planter, incorporating both a modern and nostalgic flair into your home. ...READ MORE

The Riverview District in Kankakee has some of the area's most notable historic homes. But on the west side of town, on Grace Street, sits an Alside model home, built in 1967 by architect Emil Tessin. It boasts original lighting, cabinets, tiling, sliding glass doors and motorized shutters. … ...READ MORE

In the third part of our talk about growing from seed, we will turn to questions about when we should start them, which seeds can be sown directly into the garden and how to handle transplanting. ...READ MORE

Last week, we answered questions about buying garden seeds online, from catalogs and in stores. This week, we'll talk about which vegetables you might want to grow. I will share some of my favorite varieties. ...READ MORE

If there is harmony in the house, there will be order in the nation. If there is order in the nation, there will be peace in the world. — Chinese proverb ...READ MORE

Q: My mom had a Christmas cactus that was always just beautiful. I have a Thanksgiving cactus, and it is pretty, but not like my mom's Christmas one. I can't find the true Christmas cactus though. Do you know where to get one? ...READ MORE

Fall color is on everyone's mind this year. It has been very late to happen and largely disappointing. Many trees are dropping leaves without exhibiting any color at all and others, individuals that have been vivid in other years, have been pale and disappointing. I get a lot of questions ab… ...READ MORE