It is that time of year again — after filling our bellies with delicious foods one holiday after another, it is no wonder why so many of us pack on some extra pounds over the winter.

And, of course, with the end of the year comes New Year's resolutions. Some resolve to save more money, some vow to travel more, some decide to do yoga and many vow to eat better and get fit in the new year. We've consulted fitness expert Daythan Nottke, CEO of Body Burn Women's Fitness Center in Kankakee, to see what he thinks about getting fit in 2018.

Last spring, he authored a chapter in "Fuel Your Soul, Transform Your Body," a collection of transformational and inspirational stories by fitness professionals. Body Burn also has a video series on Facebook called "Fitness Tips for Women in Kankakee County."

Here are Nottke's tips:

1. "Decide it's not about a New Year's resolution," Nottke said, but rather about deciding whether or not you really are ready to commit.

"Most women have been counting calories since middle school; a lot of women are on diets their entire lives. Are you ready to take care of yourself?" Nottke said, explaining that without proper motivation, you are just setting yourself up for failure and frustration.

2. "Find the place that is right for you," Nottke said, whether a particular workout coach, a gym with a comfortable atmosphere or a video series online that you like, as long as it is right for you and your body's needs.

And if you are working out at a gym that mostly has young bodybuilders or older men, and it makes you uncomfortable, it is time to find somewhere new. "If you aren't comfortable with where you are at, it's not going to work," Nottke said.

3. "Figure out what is the most frustrating thing to you, and be specific with your goal," Nottke said. If you are stuck in a workout routine and always feeling frustrated, you need to ask yourself what it would take to break that frustration. You need to set and work toward a clear goal. If you don't know your goal, you can't measure your progress — and then you will not see the results you want.

"Do you want to lose 80 pounds? Or just the last few inches? Do you want to fit in that dress you've had in your closet with the shoulderpads from the '80s? Be specific with your goal," Nottke added.

4. "Make sure you are eating real food," Nottke said. Nottke doesn't believe paleo or organic diets or even powder supplements are necessary. Just stick to things that look as if they were alive. If it was a plant or an animal at one point, you can eat it, Nottke explained.

"If you can't understand what is in it, neither will your body, and it will be turned into fat," he said. The bottom line is if it is has ingredients you can't pronounce, don't eat it.

5. "You need to make sure you are doing a fitness routine that is specific to your needs," Nottke said. No matter how many different workouts you do, you won't be successful until you find what works for you and what accomplishes your goals. People often choose the wrong means for fitness, such as dance classes or weightlifting. If it isn't giving you the results you want, then it is not working. One example, Nottke said, is someone who spends 90 minutes three days per week on a treadmill. "If you aren't training to be a marathon runner, this won't work. You need fitness for what you want to be," Nottke said.

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